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I am The Laundress | Lindsey Boyd

Oct 13, 2016

The Laundress co-founder Lindsey Boyd’s passion for fashion didn’t stop when she left her job at Chanel to pursue The Laundress full-time. If anything, it grew as she created tools to preserve some of her favorite pieces (like her first Chanel purchase – still a favorite) — pairing products she developed with techniques she’d mastered. These days, her family of four keeps the laundry baskets brimming in her New York city apartment. Keep reading to find out how she manages her laundry loads with grace.

My most laundered item is…
My white t-shirts. I find a way to dress them up or down just so I can incorporate them into my outfit for the day.

My favorite laundry tip or trick is…
No dryer! This keeps things looking and feeling like new – obviously when washed with the right detergent (wink, wink).

The most important laundry tip I learned growing up was…
Iron everything! My mom was and still is a fanatic about ironing. It made an impression on me, because I iron everything with The Laundress Stiffen Up – from my kids’ shirts to our sheets.

I make laundry an enjoyable task by…
Switching up the scents and products I use for different loads: No. 10 for my sheets, Baby for the kids, and Classic for my husband. Oh, and sportswear-lots of it being washed with our Sports Detergent. All of our scents pair beautifully together. 

My proudest laundry victory is…
After 12 years of cleaning one person at a time, I have a lot! My favorite one was in the beginning of my Laundress years when I removed red wine from my sofa in front of friends during a party. Everyone was amazed and instantly hooked.

My favorite Laundress product is…
Delicate Wash, because I handwash 70% of my wardrobe. It’s really easy and the results are incredible. I have not been to the dry cleaners in years – only for a blazer here and there.

I used to be afraid to wash…
Nothing really! Maybe cashmere in the past, because I was dry cleaning before our Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. But never afraid now.

My laundry room…
Takes on many forms depending on where I am. I handwash in my bathroom sink or with The Laundress Wash Basins, my machines are always running in NYC.  Chloe likes to help me handwash while William likes to challenge me on stains. When I am upstate, I have a proper laundry room and sometimes line dry outside too! Our products make laundry easy to do no matter where you are!

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