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How To Clean & Preserve Spring Pastels

Ready for a breath of fresh air? Springtime is just around the corner, and we’re ready to step out in our favorite pastel garments that capture the vibrant spirit of the season. Pastels can yellow or become dingy without the proper care, so follow these easy wash steps to keep them looking crisp and bright for years to come!

Your cleaning toolkit: Delicate Wash, Signature Detergent, Darks Detergent, Stain Solution, Stain Brush, Mesh Bags

Step 1: Spring Into Stain-Fighting Action

Stay ahead of dinginess and pit stains by pretreating with our Stain Solution. Simply add a few drops over the target areas and work in using a damp Stain Brush. Then using the same brush, massage the formula into the collar, cuffs, and underarm area to dissolve buildup from makeup, deodorant and body oils.

how to clean white shirts

Step 2: Check Your Garment Tags

First things first, check your garment tags! Determine your fabric types, and group similar fabrics and colors to wash together. If you’re unsure of the fabric type, play it safe and stick with a delicate wash process….

Pro Tip: Before washing, check out our Care Tag Guide - simply enter the fabrics on your garment's tag and get specialized care advice!

how to wash pastels

Step 3: Shower Pastels With A Spring Cleanse

For Delicate Pastels

For pastels made of delicate fabrics, turn garments inside out and wash using Delicate Wash and cool water. Here’s how: To handwash, fill a basin, sink, or tub with cool water and add a small amount of Delicate Wash. Let soak for 20-30 minutes then rinse with cool water, press between your hands or the edge of the tub to release excess water, and lay flat to dry.

For machine washing, place items in a Mesh Bag to protect them during the spin cycle, select a delicate cycle with a cool water temperature, and add Delicate Wash. After washing, promptly remove items from the Mesh Bags and lay flat to dry!

hand wash delicate pastels

For Everyday Pastels

If your pastels are made of durable fabrics like cotton or polyester, machine wash using a regular cycle, warm or cool water setting, and Darks Detergent—designed to keep all shades vibrant—or Signature Detergent, our everyday formula designed to leave everyday laundry beautifully clean. More durable pastel items can be dried at a low to medium heat. Keep in mind you can always show the earth a little extra love by line drying (it's better for your fabrics, too)!

placing item in The Laundress mesh bag

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