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The Best Way To Store Your Jeans

When it comes to how you store items in your wardrobe, some items are cut and dry: Coats and dresses get hung in your closet. T-shirts get folded and placed in drawers. Sweaters go on shelves or in storage bags. Others—like denim—can be a little unclear. In order to optimize organization and help preserve them, should we be folding our jeans or hanging them up? What's the best way to wash jeans? What's the most "aesthetic" way to store denim?

To settle things once and for all, we tapped organization expert Ria Safford from @riorganize and her advice was pretty interesting. Do like a pro organizer and follow her top five tips for storing denim below.

holding the laundress signature detergent in front of laundry hamper with dirty clothes

Tip #1

Take advantage of deep closet drawers by "file folding" your jeans. Be sure to have pocket side crease up so you can see which pair is which and not have to pull them out to check.

How To "File Fold" Jeans:

Fold your jeans in half lengthwise. Grab the bottom hem, then fold it up to the waistband. Repeat the process twice, folding up from the bottom. Store vertically in drawers like file folders.

Don't Forget: Line your drawers with scented drawer liners to add a boost of fragrance. When you launder denim, use Signature Detergent to deep clean and combat stains.

Tip #2

Store your jeans in a way you know you can maintain. The best methods of storage should easily fit in with your lifestyle. If you will not be good at putting jeans back on hangers, that is not the right solution! Stash them in your drawers instead.

Stack of folded jeans

Tip #3

Have fun with it! If you have the space, you can use “S hooks” (you can find them on Amazon) to hang denim jeans or shorts retail style for an elevated look.

Tip #4

Sort jeans by style and then by color within style for easy selecting!

Tip #5

It is far too easy to create a large jean collection full of different styles and sizes that you may not love or need anymore. Purge ruthlessly to be sure you are keeping the pairs that you absolutely love and make you feel good!

Still looking for more tips to maintain your baby blues? Check out our go-to guide to laundering jeans: How to Care for Denim

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