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How To Clean Outdoor Furniture & Upholstery

When the time comes to break out your outdoor furniture, make sure to have these essentials on deck. They'll let you clean everything from mildew-y chair cushions to dirt-caked chaise lounges and everything in between so you can dine and relax al fresco.

What You'll Need To Clean Outdoor Furniture and Upholstery:

To Clean Cushions or Fabric:

STEP 1: Brush off any loose dirt, leaves or other outdoor residue from blankets or outdoor upholstery with a scrub brush or broom.

STEP 2: Treat stains on washable fabrics with Stain Solution working solution into fabric with a Stain Brush. We recommend keeping a separate, designated brush for treating "outdoor" stains on items like upholstery and sneakers.

STEP 3: After pretreating, machine wash your outdoor blanket or slipcover on a deep cleaning cycle with Whites Detergent or Darks Detergent depending on the color of the item. Always consult manufacturer recommendations before laundering.

STEP 4: It's typically best to air dry upholstery slipcovers. For blankets, tumble dry as needed on a low heat setting, depending on fabric type.

To Clean Tables and Chairs (Plastic, Wood, or Metal):

STEP 1: Saturate any dirt and grime with a few sprays of Surface Cleaner, then work into the furniture with a scrub brush.

STEP 2: Rinse off with your hose or a wet lint-free cleaning cloth as needed. Polish dry with a clean cloth or towel.

To Clean Umbrellas (Including Sunbrellas):

STEP 1: Brush off any loose debris with a scrub brush.

STEP 2: Treat stains with Stain Solution and work into fabric with the brush.

STEP 3: Add ¼ cup of your favorite all-purpose cleaning solution to a gallon of warm water, then gently scrub. Remove soap with your hose.

STEP 4: To remove dirt or rust from the umbrella pole, apply plain white vinegar and massage in with a scrub brush.

To Clean Outdoor Rugs:

STEP 1: Remove any leaves or dirt by sweeping or giving it a good shake.

STEP 2: Treat stains with Stain Solution and a scrub brush. Thoroughly rinse using a hose or scrub brush dipped in water, ensuring no soapy residue is left behind.

STEP 3: To clean larger areas, scrub well with your favorite all-purpose cleaning solution and rinse with a hose. Drape over a railing to dry in the sun, if possible.

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