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Behind the Bottle: Product Quality & Safety Standards

The Laundress was founded 19 years ago on a singular mission: To provide you with exceptional fabric care solutions. As fabric care experts, it is our greatest joy and honor to help you take the absolute best care of the clothing you live in and love—from your crisp white shirts and delicate dresses to your coziest cashmere sweaters and heirloom linens.

Our mission of providing exceptional care also encompasses an uncompromising commitment to product quality, so we’ve developed an action plan and made modifications to our processes to reflect the depth of care we share with our community. We are determined to make things right and live up to our customer’s highest expectations. That’s why it’s our #1 priority to share the steps we have taken to ensure our fabric care solutions are safe for you.

As you know, The Laundress executed a number of voluntary recalls in late 2022 and early 2023, removing all products from our website and the shelves of retailers to ensure our consumers’ safety.

Since then, with the collaboration and partnership of a team of experts with experience in R&D, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing, we've developed a decisive and comprehensive safety program. The main pillars of the program are:

  1. Modified formulas made with biobased ingredients that meet stringent ingredient and microbiological consumer safety standards while also performing to a high standard of garment care
  2. A new manufacturing partner following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) with expert on-site supervision of production runs
  3. Comprehensive quality assessment and monitoring of ingredients to ensure they are optimized to deliver on performance as well as a thorough review of suppliers, in a renewed commitment to the highest raw material standards
  4. Rigorous inspection and robust microbiological testing of product batches that exceeds US industry standards.

We are confident that the quality and consumer safety procedures we have put into place embody our uncompromising commitment to you and will exceed your expectations for exceptional fabric care.

We’re thankful to everyone who has supported us through this challenge and are excited to offer our products once again soon. We hope you will welcome us back into your laundry rooms and look forward to laundry day with you.

From our laundry room to yours, 

The Laundress Team 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What caused the contamination? What bacterial strains were identified?

Testing showed that bacteria strains including Burkholderia cepacia complex, Klebsiella aerogenes and multiple different species of Pseudomonas, many of which are environmental organisms found widely in soil and water, might be present in some of our formulas. We believe the issue originated at one of our third-party manufacturing facilities.  

 Since then, we’ve partnered with global experts to not just address all issues but rigorously improve our safety standards beyond what is required in the US. Some of the changes we've made include a new manufacturing partner, modified formulas made with bio-based ingredients, comprehensive quality assessment and monitoring of ingredients, and rigorous inspection and testing of product batches. 

How has your manufacturing process changed? Are you still working with any of the same suppliers or manufacturers?

We made significant changes to our manufacturing process. First, we moved production to a new supplier. We no longer work with the third party manufacturers of the products that were recalled. We’ve done an extensive quality assessment of the new supplier and we are supervising production runs with experts onsite.

 We’ve also been able to establish new testing procedures that exceed US industry standards. Not only are we assessing suppliers and ingredients, but we are testing production batches. We are also holding products for extended periods of time after production and will only release them after the products have been confirmed to meet our standards. These changes give us extraordinary confidence in the safety of our products.

How are the new products different?

We’re over the moon about our new collection! Here's what to expect:

• The same beautifully complex fine fragrances you know and love!

• New, transparent detergents that include only what we felt was necessary to improve safety and meet the fabric care performance our discerning customers have come to expect

• New, lightweight product consistency for less messy dosing

• Concentrated detergents expert-crafted with the highest quality, bio-based ingredients

What about the rest of the products? Will they come back?

We’re working on bringing more products back… stay tuned! We’re always looking to hear from our customers which products they can’t live without – please feel free to drop us a laundry line on Instagram @thelaundress to let us know what you’d like to see back on your laundry shelf!