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Sand, Snow, & Elements

The Laundress Stain Solution being poured onto a stained white cloth over a white sink with a bronze faucet. The Laundress Stain Brush sits next to the sink.

Your Stain Guide Solution

If you've ever been dashing through the snow or splashing around at the beach, chances are you brought the outdoors in. Dealing with dirt and grime stains caused by elements like sand, salt, slush, and snow is easier than you think. Because the great outdoors should stay outdoors.

What to use to fight dirt, sand, and snow stains:

How To Pretreat

Step One

Start by brushing or shaking away any excess dirt, snow, sand or sludge from your fabric (preferably outside). Then, apply your stain treatment directly to the stained area. Our Stain Solution is ideal for dirt-based stains, and starts working on contact!

Step Two

Work the solution into the fabric using a damp Stain Brush. We like to keep a separate brush on hand for grimy outdoor stains like these, including stains on sneakers!

Step Three

Soak it out as needed. Fill a basin with the warmest water the fabric can tolerate (typically hot water for everyday fabrics), then let it soak for 30 minutes before washing. Apply more Stain Solution if needed, then toss in the wash. After pretreating and soaking, rinse hands well with water.

man holding laundry basket with the laundress signature detergent

Deep Clean

  • Launder according to garment instructions with a detergent designed to target set-in dirt stains, like our Signature Detergent formula. Made with 96% bio-based ingredients, this all-purpose formula is the perfect complement to your stain-fighting routine. For added brightening benefits, opt for Whites Detergent instead for gleaming results.
  • Select the hottest, longest cycle the fabric can tolerate (typically hot water for cottons and other everyday fabrics).
  • Remove promptly from the machine to inspect stains.

Dry & Finish

As tempting as machine drying might be - skip it. It's always best to air-dry stained items until you're sure stains have lifted. Still see evidence of the sand or slopes? Repeat the stain treatment process as needed.

Take Note: Our recommended stain treatment methods are based on textile science, and solely intended for use with The Laundress products. We cannot guarantee the success of products from other brands. Always test delicates and items tagged "dry clean" for color bleeding and water reactions before laundering. Kindly note that not all garments may perform and react as science would predict.

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