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Bathroom Sinks


Common Problems: Food Spills, Hard Water Stains

How to Clean: Remove and discard any loose debris or food from marble surfaces before cleaning. Wipe down regularly with Surface Cleaner, and polish dry with a clean cloth. Drying with a cloth will help prevent water marks, leaving behind a beautifully smooth finish. Surface Cleaner is formulated with pH-neutral, bio-based ingredients and mild yet effective surfactants for an beautiful clean.

Always address food spills as soon as possible to help prevent stains. When using stain-prone spices or acidic foods (like turmeric or lemon juice), cover marble surfaces to help prevent spills and spots, and clean promptly afterwards.

Steel wool brushes and scouring pads can be damaging to marble, so be sure to clean with a soft cloth or sponge only. Always test in an inconspicuous spot first before cleaning marble.


Common Problems: Hard-water Stains, Mildew and Soap Scum

How to Clean: Clean weekly to help remove stain-causing buildup and soap scum. Spritz marble bathroom surfaces like countertops and showers with Surface Cleaner and wipe with a clean cloth.

Excess cleaner will leave areas very slippery, so be sure to wipe surfaces down thoroughly. As mentioned, avoid using harsh steel wool or scouring pads on marble, as they may permanently damage the finish. Always test in an inconspicuous spot first.

Showers and Tubs

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