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Don't Let Halloween Stains Spook You

Cleaning up Halloween treats can get tricky. Sticky sweet treats can cause quite a fright when you find them stuck to costumes and other favorite pieces. When one of these wicked stains lurks longer than you'd like, use one of our magic potions to vanish them for good.

What you'll need to clean Halloween stains:

  • A soft stain brush or toothbrush
  • A stain-fighting pretreatment like Stain Solution
  • A deep cleaning detergent with stain-fighting properties, like Signature Detergent


From chocolate smears to gooey gumdrops, pizza messes and beyond, reach for our Stain Solution pretreatment. Made with a blend of three powerful stain-fighting enzymes, it's suitable for lifting Halloween stains on all washable fabrics (don't forget to test for color bleeding first). When spooky stains strike, follow our steps for stain removal below.

A grid displaying pizza, candy, spaghetti, and cake, which cause stains combatted by The Laundress fabric care products.

Step One

Use your fingers or a dull blade to scrape away any excess stain mess from your fabric. Then, apply a few small drops of Stain Solution to the fabric.

Step Two

Work the solution into the fabric using a damp Stain Brush. Let the bristles gently scrub the item to help lift away excess residue. For sticky, oily, or gummy candy like lollipops and sour candies, use warm to hot water to help encourage the stickiness to dissipate. For tough stains, let soak in a basin filled with hot water for 30 minutes before laundering (for any more delicate fabrics, use cool water).

Step Three

Launder according to fabric type using a normal cycle and the hottest water the fabric can tolerate. For added stain-fighting power, use a deep cleaning enzymatic detergent like our Signature Detergent. Concentrated, a little of this formula goes a long way towards fighting Halloween stains on your fabrics.

Step Four

After washing, let fabrics air dry. It's always best to avoid machine drying previously stained items to ensure the heat won't further set-in stains.


The Laundress fragrance-free Stain Solution for treating old and new fabric stains.

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