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The 10 Minute Home Clean

With our time saving shortcuts, you don’t have to block out hours to clean your house. Our #1 trick for keeping our homes tidy and shiny? Setting aside 10 minutes or less a couple of times a week and focusing on these most-used, most-loved, and most-important areas.

Wondering what to use to clean your whole home? Infuse your everyday chores with a touch of luxury by using our masterfully crafted Surface Cleaner. Made with bio-based ingredients and lush, botanical fragrance, this pH neutral cleaner is perfect for tidying up the entire home, from kitchen to bedroom to bath.

What You'll Need For Your 10 Minute Clean:

  • A divine-smelling spray cleaner suitable for use throughout the home (like Surface Cleaner)
  • A few reusable cleaning cloths or rags, and a broom or vacuum


Step 1: Clean Foot-Trafficked Spaces

Keep floors debris-free by doing a quick sweep. To kick grime without doing a full mop and add fresh, purifying notes of eucalyptus, oakmoss and jasmine to your space, spritz Surface Cleaner over areas that need special attention. Wipe clean with a lint-free cloth or mop.

Step 2: Spritz & Swipe

Use a duster or cloth to remove dust from credenzas, side tables, picture frames, light fixtures, and any other hard furnishings in these areas, then use Surface Cleaner to lift dirt, grime, and leave behind a sparkling clean.


Step 1: Vacuum Up Lint & Dust

Quickly vacuum carpets, rugs, and sofas, lifting pet hair, lint, and dust. Regular vacuuming is the key to a fresh-feeling home!

Step 2: Clean Slate Your Surfaces

Do a once over with a clean, dry cloth: Target the coffee table, side table, television, lamps and lamp shades, and any decor items. Follow up with Surface Clea ner or Glass & Mirror Cleaner for glass surfaces and finish by polishing with a clean section of cloth.

Got an extra hour or two? Clean “dry clean” home accessories like wool blankets and rugs at home with our smart steps.


Step 1: Degrime Cabinets, Counters & Backsplashes

Remove sticky fingerprints, smudges, and cooking splatters with a few sprays of Surface Cleaner and a cleaning cloth. Rub into surfaces in circular motions. While you’re at it, do the kitchen table, too.

Step 2: Get Stainless Steel Appliances Gleaming

Mist Surface Cleaner over faucets, the sink, and visible parts of appliances like microwaves, stoves, and ovens. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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