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5 Steps To Guest-Ready

There’s nothing like a clean home for the holidays, but leaving the cleaning to the last minute can trigger the holiday blues (we’re speaking from experience here, folks!). From deep cleaning guest rooms to digging out your fanciest tablecloths, the laundry list can feel endless—and that’s where our guide comes in.

This stress-free, 5-step roadmap will streamline the tidying and drive you straight to guest-ready. Do each one right now, break them up by day, or complete ‘em all a few days before guests arrive: They’re all easy, quick, and crazy effective. Season’s cleanings!

Step One: Make Linens 5-Star Hotel-Worthy

There’s nothing like slipping into crisp, irresistibly fresh-smelling sheets, and providing your overnight guests with pristinely clean bedlinens that will take their stay from great to unforgettable. Prep linens ahead of time by laundering with our high-performing Signature Detergent and Fabric Conditioner. Our Signature Detergent deep cleans to reveal brilliantly bright sheets and towels while our Fabric Conditioner softens and reduces static (Pro Tip: skip the use of conditioner on towels, as it affects absorbency). Add them both to a long, hot wash cycle and delight your guests with the subtly fresh, sophisticated Classic fragrance they'll leave behind.

horse hair broom

Step Two: Refresh & Revive Rugs & Blankets

Cozy throw blankets, decorative pillows, and luxe woolen rugs are essential lounging spaces for holiday get-togethers, but they can be tricky to clean. Here’s how: Before guests arrive, vacuum washable rugs, blankets, and pillow covers as needed, then toss in the wash with our gentle, enzyme-free Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. Use a cold, delicate cycle and add any smaller items to a Mesh Bag for extra protection. Let woolen items air dry fully before replacing in your living space. For more tips, check out our full guide: How To Care For Wool Rugs & Blankets. You can also help melt away unsavory smells from unwashable items by giving couches or pillows a thorough steam with a hand steamer. To get in the holiday spirit before guests, light up your favorite holiday candle and creates a warm, cozy ambience.

A person wearing a gray sweater pours The Laundress Stain Solution onto a white cloth over a marble sink in a bright kitchen with plants in the background.

Step Three: Get Magazine-Worthy Table Linens

Dazzle your guests with beautifully clean, bright table linens that will take your table to the next level. From heirloom tablecloths to festive napkins, clear away any lingering stains from dinners past with our high-performing Stain Solution. This stain-fighting formula helps tackle old and new stains, from saucy spills to wine sploshes. Work in with a Stain Brush before laundering with your detergent of choice, such as Signature Detergent for cottons or Delicate Wash for vintage items. Always air-dry any stained items to avoid "setting in" any residual stains with the heat of the dryer. For the in-depth guide, check out our blog here: Dress The Table With Bright, Clean Linens.

A hand in a striped blue sleeve holds The Laundress Surface Cleaner No. 247 against a white-tiled wall backdrop.

Step Two: Banish Dust Bunnies Like This

Turn up the Mariah Carey Christmas tunes—dusting is kind of fun when you’re in the holiday spirit! Reusable lint-free cloths make it easy to wipe away buildup from tight corners, narrow nooks and crannies, and crown molding, giving your space an instant facelift. For fabric-covered picture frames, lampshades, and furniture, use a fine clothing brush instead to lift away dust and dirt from cloth surfaces.

Step Four: Deep Clean Baseboards & Communal Spaces

Start from the ground up and wick away the dust, pet hair, and grime that tends to settle on baseboards. This move seems small, but you’ll be amazed at how transformative it is—it’s like a mini facelift for your space!

Made to cleanse away dirt, grime, and grease with bio-based ingredients, use Surface Cleaner to tackle baseboards and other high-touch home surfaces, like coffee tables or countertops. Infused with a lush fragrance designed by master perfumers, it's perfect for cleaning throughout the home, from kitchen to bathroom to living spaces. Skip single-use paper towels and instead, go with a cotton lint-free cloth to polish surfaces.

Step Five: Make Quick Work Of Clutter

We all know the old host trick of shoving unsightly clutter in the hall closet. Avoid unexpected avalanches and day-after cleaning chaos by stashing away errant toys, clothes, and other knick-knacks in handy, woven or canvas storage boxes or baskets. These chic organizers can be stacked in a closet, slid onto a shelf, or even displayed in your living space.

For a final touch, add flowers! No matter how fanciful your holiday gathering, a beautiful arrangement will always elevate your space and add a touch of magic to merry-making.

A wooden table holds The Laundress Stain Solution, a floral arrangement, plates of food, and golden candleholders, while a person toasts with a glass of wine in a bright room.

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