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Dingy Stains

dinginess and yellowing

Your Stain Guide Solution

If you're finding that your colors are looking dull or your sheets are looking less than bright, chances are you're dealing with dinginess. The buildup of minerals in your wash water, soap residue, and body oils are often the culprits. A few simple steps can brighten your laundry – and your spirits.

What to use to treat dinginess:

How To Pretreat

Step One

Start by applying an enzymatic stain treatment to any areas with particularly apparent dinginess. For clothing, concentrate on waistbands, collars, and underarms, or for bedding, treat pillowcases or top sheets. Our Stain Solution is designed to treat old and new stains, and is effective on the sweat and grease that are often culprits of dinginess.

Step Two

Work the solution into the fabric using a damp Stain Brush.

Step Three

Soak it out as needed. Fill a basin with the warmest water the fabric can tolerate (typically hot water for everyday fabrics), then let it soak for 30 minutes before washing. Alternatively, for larger items like bedding, use a bathtub or simply select a presoak cycle on your washing machine.

After pretreating and soaking, rinse hands well with water.

the laundress whites detergent and measuring cup on a counter next to a basket of white laundry

Deep Clean

  • Always launder according to your garment's instructions. We recommend laundering with a stain-fighting and brightening formula to help achieve a vibrant look! Use Whites Detergent for white & light-colored fabrics, or Darks Detergent for patterns and dark colors.
  • Select the hottest, longest cycle the fabric can tolerate (typically hot water for cottons and other everyday fabrics).
  • Remove promptly from the machine to check stains.

Dry & Finish

It's best to air dry items for best results. Keep in mind some stain residue may not be visible until garments are fully dry. Repeat the stain treatment process as needed.

Take Note: Our recommended stain treatment methods are based on textile science, and solely intended for use with The Laundress products. We cannot guarantee the success of products from other brands. Always test delicates and items tagged "dry clean" for color bleeding and water reactions before laundering. Kindly note that not all garments may perform and react as science would predict.

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