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Mesh Bags Are The Thing Your Laundry Room Is Missing

Cashmere, wool, lace, athletic wear, any article of clothing with buttons or embellishments—If you own any of these items and aren’t using a mesh bag when machine washing them, what’s stopping you from living your best laundry life? Here, 8 reasons why everyone should use them.

First, what’s a Mesh Bag?

Ever fallen victim to a washing machine crime scene? We’re talking misshapen clothes, pilling, snagging, or even missing items. Mesh bags are zip-top sacks made of a durable mesh material that help prevent these cleaning crimes. They help protect and preserve fabrics and embellishments in the washing machine while still allowing soap and water to clean the garment.

So what fabrics should be washed in mesh bags?

1. Bras and Underwear: Throw these delicates in a bag to prevent snagging.

2. Hosiery: A mesh bag will guard these guys from tangling and tearing in the drum of the washing machine.

3. Washable Delicates, Cashmere, Wool & Velvet: An abrasive machine can sometimes weaken fragile fabrics. As an alternative to hand washing, put them in a bag before machine washing. (Flip them inside out first to prevent pilling.)

4. Embellishments: Detailing like pearls, sequins or decorative buttons are prone to getting caught—and flying off—in the washing process. A mesh bag acts as a barrier.

5. Socks: We don’t know about you, but our wash days always turn into a case of The Missing Socks. Throwing your pairs in a bag puts an end to all of that.

6. Athletic Wear and Bathing Suits: These stretchy materials are prone to losing their shape over time. Washing them in a mesh bag will keep them in their original state.

7. Coats: You can launder a washable wool coat as long as it doesn’t contain a structured lining. Turn it inside out before placing in a mesh bag to keep the fabric smooth.

8. Jeans: Place inside of a mesh bag to protect zippers, buttons, and any special detailing, embellishment, or distressing.

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