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Sweat & Pit Stains

The Laundress Stain Brush, ideal for removing stains on washable fabrics, rests on white fabric.

Your Stain Guide Solution

Armpit stains or "pit stains" are seriously the pits. Stains from sweat or perspiration are caused by the combination of natural body oils, deodorant, and fabric absorption. While it's a common problem, it doesn't make it any less frustrating! Don't sweat it. We've conquered the pit stain and so can you!

What you'll need to treat pit stains:

How To Pretreat

Step One

Apply an enzymatic stain treatment like Stain Solution all over the pit stain. This specially-formulated stain pretreatment works great on greasiness and dinge on collars and cuffs, too!

Step Two

Work the solution into the pit stain using a damp Stain Brush. Gently scrub, using circular motions.

Step Three

For older, tougher underarm stains, soak before washing. Fill a sink or wash basin with tepid water, and let the shirt soak for 30 minutes. Apply more Stain Solution, then toss in the wash. After pretreating and soaking, rinse hands well with water.

the laundress signature detergent, fabric conditioner, and stain solution wash routine for fabrics

Deep Clean

  • Place your shirt inside a protective Mesh Bag.
  • Next, reach for a stain-fighting detergent like Signature Detergent, made with a powerful bio-based enzyme complex.
  • Launder according to manufacturer instructions. Most dress shirts are best washed using a normal cycle with cold water, while t-shirts can be laundered using a normal cycle with hot water.
  • Remove promptly from the machine to check stains.

Dry & Finish

For best results, shirts should always be hung dry. Keep in mind some pit stains may look different on wet vs dry fabric. Gently smooth out the fabric by hand while damp to help cut down on wrinkling. Iron or steam for a crisp finish!

Need more tips? Check out our dedicated blogs for laundering shirts here:

Take Note: Our recommended stain treatment methods are based on textile science, and solely intended for use with The Laundress products. We cannot guarantee the success of products from other brands. Always test delicates and items tagged "dry clean" for color bleeding and water reactions before laundering. Kindly note that not all garments may perform and react as science would predict.

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