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How To

How-To | Iron Dress Shirts and Pants

Mar 3, 2020

No wrinkle left behind! Master the art of ironing and get the perfect press every time with our ironing guide. Read on to learn the tricks of the trade for a fine finish—from dress shirts to khakis.

Gather these tools:

Ironing Duo, Crease Release, Ironing Board Cover, spray bottle, iron, ironing board


Adjust Settings

Adjust Setting

Before you iron, check the fabric label to see whether the item can be ironed and which temperature setting to use. Cottons and linens are typically safe to iron. For synthetics, test a small area to ensure it’s safe to iron. Never iron wool, velvet, or corduroy.

Tip: Use the steamer to freshen and release wrinkles from delicate fabrics like wool, cashmere, silk, and blends

start clean

Start Clean

Make sure your iron and Ironing Board Cover are clean and ready to go. Check for grime or rust on the bottom of the iron and clear the ironing surface of debris.

Tip: An accumulation of mineral deposits in the iron can lead to rusting and unsightly spots on bedding and clothing. To prevent this, it is best to clean your iron using Scented Vinegar once every two to four months.

tools for a flawless finish

Tools for a Flawless Finish

Add 1 capful of Ironing Water to your iron to freshen while adding our Classic scent. Spray the Stiffen Up (a light starch without the flakes) from 6 inches away while ironing to add body and crispness to fabrics.

Cotton and linen items that require pressing should be removed from the dryer while still damp. If the items are dry, it helps to use a spray bottle with water to dampen.


Ironing step one


Iron the inside collar flat, working tip to middle, always in one direction. Don’t turn down the collar until the rest of the shirt is ironed. Be careful not to iron a crease into the collar.

Ironing step two


Starting on the inside, iron from the bottom edge of the cuff toward the sleeve. Flip and repeat. Poke the tip of the iron into the pleats above the cuff.

Ironing step three


Tug the sleeve taut along the seam so you’ve got a crisp, straight fold from shoulder to cuff. Lay the sleeve on the board, and ensure both layers of the fabric are smooth. Iron in long sweeping strokes. Rotate and repeat.

Ironing step four


Slide the armpit part of the sleeve over the tip of the ironing board. Iron each shoulder flat.

Ironing step five


Now hit the yoke (the double-layer strip that connects the collar to the shirt). Swing the iron from shoulder to mid-back. Switch shoulders and repeat.

step 6


Confront the front! Iron each side in long strokes from the collar down, starting with the placket. If your shirt has a pocket, iron from the bottom up to prevent bunching. Finish up by weaving the iron in and around the buttons.


ironing pants step one


Slip the waistband over the top of the of the ironing board. Start by pressing the waistline, zipper area, and hem.

ironing pants step two


Pull out pockets from inside each pant leg and press. Be careful! You don’t want a pocket outline.

ironing pants step three


Iron each pant leg from top to bottom in a straight line. Rotate and repeat. Dealing with pleats? Press along the pleat line for the perfect finish.

Iron pant hems from the inside and on the outside.


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