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How To

Burberry Trenches Will Never Go Out Of Style, So Keep It Clean!

May 21, 2015

When It Comes to Cotton Blends, Wash in Your Machine

Burberry trench coats vary in fabric composition from style to style. If yours is a cotton/nylon blend, you should be able to wash it and achieve beautiful results. Simply use one of our nontoxic, eco-friendly detergents to remove stains and dirt, while providing the best and gentlest wash.

Remove Stains, Rain or Shine:

Treat stains with Stain Solution or the Wash & Stain Bar depending on the stain’s origin. Simply apply the solution directly to the soiled area and to areas susceptible to discoloration like underarms, necklines, and cuffs. Follow by working the Stain Solution or Wash & Stain Bar into the fabric with a Stain Brush.

Bag It:

Turn the coat inside out and place it into Mesh Washing Bag

Select Your Cycle:

Select the delicate or woolens cycle on your washing machine and make sure the temperature is cold water and the spin is on low. Add the appropriate amount of Signature Detergent according to the machine and load size.

Hang It out to Dry:

Remove the coat promptly from the washing machine at the cycle’s completion to reduce creasing. Follow by hanging it up on a proper hanger to air dry. Steam while damp for best results.

Stay Fresh:

To remove odors naturally, spritz Fabric Fresh Classic between wearing and washing. It’s a nontoxic, allergen-free fabric spray that can easy fit in purses or briefcase when on the go!

*Please note that this process is also safe to use on polyester/cupro trench coats.

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