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Scrub Away Sunscreen Stains

While you're soaking up some summer sun, your swimwear or cover up is probably soaking up sun(screen) too! Tanning oil and sunblock stains are unavoidable during this time of year, but by following the proper pretreat process, you can continue lathering on the lotion without the fear of a yellowed bikini. Plus, Gwen and Lindsey share their favorite SPFs that protect their skin AND their clothing.

Gather These Tools:

Wash & Stain Bar, Sport Detergent, Mesh Bag Bundle

Tackle greasy spots for good

Did you know your suit can last longer than one season (or one swim) if cared for properly with effectively laundry products? Pretreat and handwash swimwear immediately after use as sunscreen, salt, perspiration, and chlorine can be harmful to fabric. While you may not notice staining right off the bat, these mystery stains will appear over time if your suit is not washed!


Pretreat after the beach retreat

Use the travel-friendly, Wash & Stain Bar to pretreat stains and the stain prone areas of your swimsuit. This plant-derived product is ideal for breaking down grease-based spots. Simply lather the bar in warm water and work it into the fabric, underwire, waistbands, and straps. Never use chlorine bleach!


Take the plunge

Fix a bath of warm water and one capful of Sport Detergent and submerge your suit. Create a mini whirlpool by agitating the water with your hands and leave to soak for 30 minutes. Men's swim trunks can be machine washed in a Mesh Washing Bag as they are often crafted with less spandex.


Rinse Off

Rinse the suit well under a faucet running tepid water and gently squeeze out the water making sure not to twist fabric!


Sort out the situation

Lay the suit flat to dry. To preserve elasticity, avoid placing in direct sunlight and always steer clear of the dryer.

If you use mineral-based sunscreen or sun tanning oil avoid white bathing suits as this will cause yellowing that is extremely difficult to remove. If you can't wash after each wear, at least rinse to remove some chlorine!