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Removing Berry Stains

Strawberries are red, blueberries are blue, these are summer's sweetest treats... just to name a few! Whether berry picking with the family or enjoying a morning smoothie, this colorful snack can lead to serious stains. The Laundress stain tips will easily and effectively remove fruity messes.

Blackberries in kitchen

On Cotton, Linen & Durable Synthetics

Step 1:

Use Stain Solution to combat berry stains on your washable summertime fabrics. If you're unsure about color pull, always test in an inconspicuous spot first! Work the liquid solution into your fabric using a damp Stain Brush for targeted application.

Step 2:

For added cleaning power, pour boiling water from a kettle onto the affected area. (Pour from a safe height so the water won't splash on you.) The force of the pouring water helps to do the heavy stain removal work! You can also use hot water from a faucet set to its highest water pressure output.

Some extra-tough berry stains can be left to soak in a basin of hot water after Stain Solution application. This will help to loosen the berry residue from the fabric.

Step 3:

After pretreating (or presoaking!), wash your item according to label instructions with Signature Detergent. We typically recommend using warm to hot water for everyday fabrics like cotton that have dye stains like berry juice. For more delicate fabrics, like a vintage cotton blouse, use a cool water setting.

Pro Tip: Never machine dry stained items after washing - even if you think the stain is gone. It's always preferable to air dry to ensure the entire mark has lifted!