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How To Conquer Classic Cookout Stains

Tasty bbq toppings got you down? We'll help you remove classic cookout stains from shirts, skirts, and more. Read our full menu of tips below to achieve a Grade A finish.

Your Stain-Fighting Starter Pack: Stain Solution, Signature Detergent, Stain Brush

Do a Proper Stain Removal

Don't fret about treating stains on the spot. Seltzer, napkins, and other quick fixes can actually lead to a messier situation, so leave the spot-treatment for later! If you must, gently dab your spot with water and a clean cloth.

Once you're home, target the your stain using our Stain Solution. Use this handy solution for common bbq stains like tomato sauce, salad dressing and grass stains! Use with washable fabrics and work in with a damp Stain Brush, then proceed with washing or soaking.

Launder Away

Once you've completed your pretreatment with Stain Solution, it's time to launder! Keep in mind some tough stains, like greasy messes, may require a 30 minute soak before washing to help release them from the fabric.

Hot-off-the-grill tip: Our Signature Detergent was formulated for a powerful clean, formulated to target stains and improve cleaning. It's just the trick for your everyday summer garments, like t-shirts, jeans, and loungewear!

We generally recommend laundering stained items in everyday fabrics using the hottest water the fabric can tolerate. Always check tags for manufacturer's recommendations before washing! For more tips on selecting a wash cycle, check out our go-to guide.

We recommend avoiding machine drying garments until marks are fully removed. Instead, let air dry at least partially until you're certain stains have melted away!