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Removing Ring Around The Collar Stains

If you find your shirts are plagued with the common culprit "ring-around-the-collar," then we have a solution in store! And the best news yet: once you remove ring-around-the-collar, it's easy to keep at bay.

What’s Classified as “Ring-Around-The-Collar”?

Ring-around-the-collar, usually yellowish or brown in color, gradually builds up overtime and appears on your shirt. It's caused by sweat, body oils, body products, and the environment seeping into fabric, especially in the areas which are close to the body, such as collars and cuffs.

Regular pretreatment of these areas when you wash can help cut down on the dinginess and buildup over time! It just takes a moment or two to prep ring-around-the-collar prone items like white or light-colored shirts before washing.

Pro Tip: Always ensure washability of dress shirts before laundering at home by testing. If your tag says "do not wash" or "dry clean only", bring it to the professionals.

Pretreat Stains

Target Tough Stains: Single out the collar stain (or stain-prone area) and grab Stain Solution. This product is formulated with a powerful triple enzyme blend to target a variety of old and new stains. Simply pour a few drops on, and work in using a Stain Brush as needed, then toss the item in the wash!

Got extra tough stains? After applying Stain Solution, allow the item to soak for up to 30 minutes in a basin of the hottest water the fabric can tolerate. After soaking, pour water from a height over the fabric to help work the stain. Then, apply more Stain Solution as needed and proceed with laundering.

A hand holds up a bottle of The Laundress Stain Solution, which casts a shadow on the background.


A Powerful Clean: Stained fabrics should typically be laundered using a hot, normal cycle. Be sure to check tags first to follow manufacturer instructions, and use a deep cleaning detergent, like our Signature Detergent. For extra brightening on white or light colors, we also love our Whites Detergent. We formulated these solutions with bio-based ingredients for a deep clean on everyday fabrics.

Pro Tip: Many collar and cuff stain-prone items, like oxford shirts, are better off air-dried than tossed in the high heat of the machine. Plus, pressing these fabrics when still slightly damp is a great way to ease the ironing process.