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How To Care For Wool Blankets & Rugs

Between body oil, pet hair, dirt, and dust, the throw blankets and rugs that keep our homes cozy need regular cleaning just like our clothes. Our simple moves will give them a complete refresh, just in time for spring?

GATHER THESE TOOLS: Wash & Stain Bar, Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, Stain Solution, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth, Stain Brush, Wool & Cashmere Spray, Cashmere Brush, Sweater Stone, All-Purpose Bleach Alternative

Throw Blankets

Snuggle up to these cleaning tips for blankets made of cashmere, wool, faux fur, merino, agora, cotton, polyester, or blends.


For makeup, lotion, and oil-based stains, pretreat the affected area with our Wash & Stain Bar, which is like a magnet for oil and grease. Lather the bar with cool water and gently work it into the fabric until the stain has lifted. Color-rich stains can be tackled with our high-performance, enzyme-based Stain Solution. Pour a droplet or two onto the area and massage in with a Stain Brush using small, circular motions.


Machine wash with our gentle, softening cleanser for natural fibers, our Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, on the delicate/woolens cycle in cold water. This formula can also be used to handwash in a basin or bath tub with cool water. Lay flat to dry on a rack or clean, dry towel.


In between washes, deodorize and freshen blankets by misting with our fresh, Cedar-scented Wool & Cashmere Spray. For a more intensive refresh, steaming with a handheld steamer removes doors, wrinkles, and bacteria. Woolen blankets are prone to pesky pilling, so swipe our Sweater Stone over those areas to lift them without thinning out the fabric like a fabric shaver can.


Keep your home clean from the ground up with rug reviving tips for rugs made of any type of fabric.


Before treating, always vacuum up debris or shake out rugs outdoors. Hold the Wash & Stain Bar under cool or warm water and apply it to any stains or discoloration. For more agitation, use the Stain Brush to work the lather into the rug instead. Next, dab with a damp Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths to remove excess soap. Avoid paper towels or sponges, which may leave behind residue. Blot dry with a dry cloth to avoid water marks.


Soak up smells by sprinkling All-Purpose Bleach Alternative beads over the rug. Allow them to sit for up to 30 minutes, then vacuum them up. Next, use a steamer like the Jiffy Steamer to rejuvenate fibers and reduce bacteria and odor sources. The temperature of the steam will work to clean without damaging the fabric. When possible, hang the rug outside to air out. If the rug is too large to be moved outdoors, simply place it in a room with open windows.