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How To Remove Wax

Burning candles is not only a big part of traditions, it's also a lovely way to create some gorgeous ambience. When drippy wax strikes, don't let it dim the light of the holiday season! Consider our hacks for removing candle wax from table linens, upholstery, and clothes our gift to you.

Black sweater


Scrape Away

First, let the wax dry—it’s easier to treat! Place the item on a flat surface, and use a comb or a dull butter knife to gently scrape away any large wax blobs, leaving only the bit of wax saturated in the yarns.


Back It Up

Place pieces of thick card stock directly underneath the sweater where each wax stain is located. Be sure to use heavy paper—copy paper is not sturdy enough. If you have multiple wax spots, work with multiple smaller pieces.


Sandwich It

Lay a lint-free cleaning cloth (or any simple cotton fabric) on top of the wax stain. If you have multiple wax spots, cut the cloth into multiple smaller pieces—you’ll want to have a clean cloth and cardstock for each wax spot to prevent redepositing any wax back on to the item. You should now have the wax stain sandwiched between the card stock and cotton cloth.

Iron in laundry room


Warm Up

The trick to lifting wax is a little bit of heat. Set the iron to a low heat setting with no steam. Lightly maneuver the iron on top of the cloth in a circular motion. Pull the cloth away, and the wax should be gone! Repeat as necessary using a clean cloth for each wax stain until desired results.



Treat stains with Stain Solution. Work treatment into fabric with a stain brush. Launder as normal with the appropriate detergent, water temperature, and wash cycle.