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The Sweater Stone is ideal for de-pilling heavier-knit sweaters, blankets, upholstery, and more. The natural volcanic pumice will delicately pick up loose fibers and yarns that naturally result from friction and wearing.
(De-pill fine-gauge knit and woolen items using the Sweater Comb.)

To Use:Lay your garment on a flat surface. Work the Sweater Stone gently in one direction using short strokes. Shake the item out to remove excess pumice.

Remove the collected lint from the stone after each use.



It’s always important to clean woolens before storing, as perfume, body products, body oil, food, and dirt can surface later and be much harder to get out. Before packing, spritz with Wool & Cashmere Spray and place in a breathable cotton Storage Bag.

Never store using plastic, cardboard, drawer liners, or contact paper, as they attract bugs and encourage bug reproduction.

For a start-to-finish tutorial on caring for your woolens, please visit our Wool & Cashmere Shampoo How-To.



Spray from 6 inches away to freshen items between wearings and before storing. Ideal for freshening wool, wool blends, and more—from sweaters, scarves, and hats to outerwear, bedding, and throws.

Safe for all fabrics and furnishings, this nontoxic and allergen-free fabric spray naturally repels bugs and moths.

Most wool items labeled “dry clean” are generally launderable. When an item is labeled “dry clean only,” the best way to care for it between cleanings is to steam and treat with Wool & Cashmere Spray.