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Why Oxygen Bleach Is Better Than Chlorine Bleach

Oxygenated bleach is a chlorine-free bleaching solution that can be used on clothing or around the house. Oxygen bleach products kill bacteria and brighten and whiten just like traditional bleach, but without the hazardous toxicity. Forget about burning your skin, ruining a piece of clothing, or damaging surfaces around your home like vinyl or tile. Oxygen bleach cleans without damaging, and is a plant-derived product. Here at The Laundress, we prefer oxygen bleach to traditional chlorine bleach, when comparing oxygen bleach vs chlorine bleach, both because we're not interested in toxic products and because we are interested in products that get the job done when it comes to cleaning and killing germs!

Oxygenated Bleach Alternative to the Rescue

You now have a highly effective cleaning product at your fingertips without having to worry about damaging your health or your home to use it! Safely remove stains and odors from clothing, and keep the kitchen, bathroom, and more as clean as can be. Why would anyone use chlorine bleach again? Oxygen bleach delivers real clean with real world practicality that protects the environment while doing its job. Breathe easy knowing that your home just became a safer, happier place to live, laugh, and clean.

You can buy oxygen bleach right from our site, and you can improve your health, your home, and your cleaning process by switching to it today. Give oxygenated bleach a try! It's great for fabric care and stain removal.