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Playing "hide-and-seek" with stains is never fun. Formula, breast milk, and spit-up are not always visible until after you wash and dry. Pretreat your clothing and your baby’s items with Stain Solution to help hinder surprise stains! Play it safe - add 1 capful of All Purpose Bleach Alternative to every load.

Always wash baby items before first-time use. Launder with hot water to best remove stains and odor and kill bacteria and germs. Add Fabric Conditioner Baby to fluff, soften, and reduce static.

Hand-me-downs don’t have to look worn. For older set-in stains, add 1 capful of All Purpose Bleach Alternative to a wash basin or sink of hot water and presoak the garment.


Dry & Finish

Machine Drying: The most intense drying method. The high heat and tumble of the dryer can cause fabrics to weaken, shrink, or fade. The longer the cycle and the higher the temperature, the greater the risk of damage. To avoid shrinkage, set the dryer to the Low or Low Tumble setting. Spritz Fabric Fresh Baby between wearing and washing. It’s a safe nontoxic, allergen-free fabric spray that adds scent while removing odor!