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How To Get Your Laundry Detergent Scent To Last

Little compares to the nostalgic, straight-from-the-dryer scent of fresh laundry, but getting that aroma to last? That’s another story. Lucky for you, we’ve done loads of experimenting over the years and we’ve cracked the code for locking in that coveted laundry scent with help from our solutions. Because we believe everyday chores like laundry should be enjoyable, our products mix fragrance with function. And because our complex scents are formulated more like a fine fragrance than your run of the mill detergent scent, they can basically take the place of your perfume… just sayin’. Read on for how to get—and keep—your laundry smelling scentsational.

the laundress no. 723 detergent and fabric conditioner

Make Sure Your Washing Machine Is Clean

When’s the last time you cleaned your washing machine? Believe it or not, these appliances need some washing themselves. Washing machines that smell musty can transfer that odor to your laundry loads, so be sure to clean yours regularly. Plus, the tools you need and might already have in your laundry cabinet. Discover our guide to cleaning your washer and dryer here.

Stop Stains In Their Tracks

Start fighting unsightly, odor-causing stains before the wash by pretreating everyday fabrics with Stain Solution. This powerful pretreat contains bio-based ingredients designed to combat both old and new stains for a perfect finish.

Choose A Premium Detergent Scent

Each one of our scent formulations contains perfectly balanced top, middle, and base notes that gently unfold throughout the wash cycle, transforming your laundering experience.

For a sensorial wash day like no other, reach for our brand-new No. 723 Laundry Detergent. The Damask rose is at the heart of our indulgent No. 723 fragrance, surrounded by a chorus of geranium, jasmine, and lily of the valley, and deeply grounded with the velvety, spicy warmth of guaiacwood and amber. Blended with our newly updated formula for exceptional everyday laundering, enjoy an indulgent washing experience evocative of a fragrant rose garden at bloom.

Pair Your Detergent With a Complementary Fabric Conditioner

To enhance the fragrance experience and seal in the scent, we make sure to add Fabric Conditioner in a scent that matches our laundry detergent to each load. To complement our No. 723 Laundry Detergent, use No. 723 Fabric Conditioner in the matching No. 723 scent to soften and help reduce static. 

Tip: Skip the use of Fabric Conditioner or just use every other wash when laundering towels, as using too much can affect certain fabrics’ absorbency. Do not use with delicates, synthetics, woolens, or moisture-wicking activewear.

Spritz & Set

Air dry or machine dry your laundry as normal. Keep in mind that line drying (or using an air fluff machine setting) is a great way of helping maximize scent payoff! If desired, spritz the pile or each individual item with your favorite fabric freshening spray.