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Learn How To Wash Lace

Simple Lace Washing Technique

Many people are unfamiliar with how to wash and properly care for lace as it is a specialty fabric. If you've been wondering how to wash lace pieces, we can help! We truly love all things laundry and fabric care and helping people preserve their favorite clothing items or heirlooms is incredibly rewarding. Washing lace is a simple process, the first step of which is finding an appropriately gentle laundry detergent. We have created such a product, and are happy to share it with you, and show you how to clean lace. 

How to clean lace from the textile science and fashion experts

Lace evokes a sense of elegance. This delicate fabric is used to make everything from dresses to lingerie to table linens. In recent years, lace has gone beyond bridal and "grandma's closet" associations; it's become a staple in most fashions, including men's and workwear. 

Discover how to clean white lace (and every color of the rainbow), so you can proudly pass down grandma's veil, rock your favorite lingerie with confidence, and be a showstopper in your cocktail dress.

Keep reading to learn how hand washing a lace dress and deep dive into lace care best practices.  

Wash Lace and Other Delicates

To learn how to care for lace, you can start with using a high-quality, gentle soap when washing. The Delicate Wash is the perfect solution. For lace, we recommend hand washing with cold water, and not using the washing machine (even on the gentle cycle). Massage the soapy water evenly onto the fabric and allow the item to soak for roughly 30 minutes. Rinse well once the soak is complete and gently press out excess water. Be sure never to wring it (in other words, don't twist it up tightly and squeeze). Lay flat in its natural shape to dry.

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