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I am The Laundress | Slim Paley

Oct 6, 2016

To say Slim Paley’s got style would be an understatement. Her blog (www.slimpaley.com) is an homage to the “stuff of life,” including people, places and things that inspire her. She personifies her pen name – an ode to style icons Slim Keith and Babe Paley, two well-known socialites and style icons in the 1950s and 1960s. In addition to her keen eye for style, on display regularly via her blog, her humor is undeniable. Keep reading for a little taste of what we’re talking about.

My most laundered item is…
White jeans.

My favorite laundry tip or trick is…
To vacuum-pac cashmeres in plastic bags and store in the freezer all summer. Once the Food Saver machine sucks the air from the bags, it’s amazing how small they get. Come fall, I release them from their torture, hand wash, and lay out on towels to air dry. Like new.

The most important laundry tip I learned growing up was…
1. Hand wash whites, especially vintage linens, with a little lemon juice in the water, and dry in the sun to remove yellowing and maintain bright whites.
2. Buy a professional steamer – the best laundering investment. I couldn’t live without mine.

I make laundry an enjoyable task by…
Playing fun music and making our laundry rooms as inviting as possible.

My proudest laundry victory is…
Properly caring, storing, and giving new life to my cashmeres each fall. I can also tell you two of my worst debacles; thinking it would be a good idea to hand wash my Hermes silk scarves (FYI-the colors run. Fast. They need to be dry cleaned). My very worst; hand washing the divine silk chiffon black ribbon evening dress from Tom Ford’s very last runway collection for Gucci. Oh… I just shuddered thinking about it again.

My favorite Laundress product is…
The Wool & Cashmere Shampoo and Le Labo Santal 33 Signature Detergent.

I used to be afraid to wash…
As you might have gathered from my answers above, I’m fairly fearless when it comes to washing pretty much anything – from Uggs to evening gowns. I’m much more afraid of dry cleaning horror stories.

My laundry room is…
Believe it or not, it’s one of my favorite rooms in our new home. It’s not quite finished yet, but with old black stone floors and honed slate walls, it’s a great space. Located between the back kitchen garden and a central courtyard, with glass dutch doors on either end, it will also serve as a mudroom and serving bar when entertaining. I even installed an ice machine. Cocktails while doing laundry… I could think of worse scenarios!

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