If your cabinets are overflowing with various cleaning solutions (think of all the questionable ingredients lurking inside!) our best advice is to start fresh with a bottle of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. And we’re not just saying that. The chlorine free, oxygen-based formula is not only a gentler alternative to traditional bleach and many other harsh cleaning products, it’s also the MVP of multi-tasking because there’s basically no grime, dirt, or stain it can’t conquer in both home and laundry. Here, our favorite ways to use it in our homes and laundry.

1. Cleanse The Dishwasher: To deep clean, remove musty odors, and banish soap scum and filmy residue often caused by hard water, add one capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to the bottom of the machine and ¼ cup of Scented Vinegar to the detergent dispenser. Finish by running the dishwasher free of dishware. Done!

2. Add Vibrancy To Laundry: Supercharge your regular detergent by adding two capfuls directly to your washing machine’s drum (be sure to select hot water to activate the formula). It’ll boost light colors and brighten dingy whites, too. Just avoid using it with delicate fabrics like woolens and silks.

3. Remove Stubborn Stains: Dissolve set-in pit stains and tannin-rich spills—think coffee, tea, red wine, fruit, and ink—by gently scrubbing with a paste of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and Stain Solution. For super stubborn spots, soak the item in a basin filled with hot water and one capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative for up to 30 minutes.

4. Unclog + Deodorize Drains: Mix one cup of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative with one cup of Scented Vinegar and pour the solution down your sink or shower drains.

5. Refresh Your Washing Machine: To cleanse and deodorize a musty washing machine or one just in need of a deep clean, add ½ cup of Scented Vinegar and two capfuls of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to the detergent dispenser. Run a long, hot cycle free of laundry.

6. Clean Tiles: Nix rust, limescale, and soap scum, and clean the grout in your bathroom. Mix All-Purpose Bleach Alternative with Stain Solution, add hot water and scrub with a Scrub Brush. This combination will make your tiles glimmer, too.

7. Remove Mold From Shower Curtains: Soak them in a bath of hot water and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to remove and prevent mildew.

8. Sanitize + Lift Stains From Reusable Containers: Place your bottles, tupperware or coffee pot in a mixture of hot water and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative for 30 minutes, then wash as normal.

9. Banish Sticker Residue: Let the item sit in a solution of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and hot water, then scrub with a Scrub Brush.

10. Freshen Carpets + Upholstery: Sprinkle over carpets, rugs, dog beds, even musty-smelling mattresses, then vacuum to sop up any unpleasant odors.