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How To

How-To | 10 Ways to Make Laundry Day a Family Affair

Oct 13, 2020

It’s nearing the end of the week and that tower of laundry is still staring at you. Team up with your little ones and conquer the chaos with tips that make laundry day a little less hectic for you, and fun for the kids.

Tip 1: Sort to Cut Laundry Time Short

girl putting clothes in washing machine

Properly sorting your loads before washing prevents accidents and ensures an effective clean. Save time by using designated bins or hampers like our Triple Sorter Hamper to sort throughout the week as the dirty clothes pile in. Darks, whites, delicates, and towels and sheets are the go-to, but also try an ASAP bin. That way, the family has all of their time-sensitive garments washed and ready to go.

Tip 2: Color Code

kids sorting

The kids may not know much about laundry, but they sure do know colors. Keep them busy by having them sort through the darks and whites while you handle the other laundry duties. When it comes time to wash, use Darks Detergent for dark laundry, Whites Detergent for white loads, and Signature Detergent for colors. Keep a bottle of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative on hand too—it’ll help to boost the vibrancy of colors and brighten dingy whites.

Tip 3: Stain, Stain Go Away

boy scrubbing stain

We can guarantee those kids clothes will have some hint of a stain on them (and as a parent, those messes inevitably make their way to your wardrobe). Separate stained items according to the type of stain (oil-based vs. color-rich tannin stains), and have your little ones help scrub each pile with the Wash & Stain Bar or Stain Solution.

Tip 4: Keep Your Socks in Twos

hands handing socks on line

Keep socks, underwear, and toys from getting lost in the wash by placing them in Mesh Washing Bags. It’s also recommended to avoid snags and tangles in the wash for delicates, woolens, even denim in prime condition.

Tip 5: Air it Out

mesh bags on laundry line

If you’ve ever accidentally shrunken a sweater in the dryer when it should have been air dried, we have a tip for you! Use Mesh Bags to separate garments that require air drying. Once the wash cycle is complete, simply remove all items in bags before transferring your load to the dryer.

Tip 6: No Wrinkles in No Time

CMSPage How-To | 10 Ways to Make Laundry Day a Family Affair ONE SIZE IMAGE 01

Perfectly smooth garments don’t have to mean a trip to the dry cleaner. For easy wrinkle-free fashion, always hang delicate fabrics to dry and steam while slightly damp. For tumble-dried pieces, the kids can spray Crease Release directly in the dryer 5 minutes before the cycle is complete to help release wrinkles.

Tip 7: Fluff it Up

dryer balls

That fresh-out-the-dryer feeling is irreplaceable, but we found a way to make it even better! Dryer Balls fluff, prevent clothes from clumping, increase air circulation, and cut down on drying time. Play a game of catch with the little ones and have them toss the balls into the drum for fun.

Tip 8: Stop. Drop. and Fold

folding clothes

Fold items and put away immediately out of the dryer. This simple detail wards off wrinkles, saves time, prevents the loss of smaller items, and can even help clothes last longer.

Tip 9: Puttin' On the Spritz

wiping counters clean

Don’t forget to wipe up any leftover spills and grime when you’re all done. Our nontoxic Surface Cleaner works beautifully on all surfaces and is safe to use around kids.

Tip 10: Speak the Language

washing chart

Download a cheat sheet with fabric care symbols and wash cycles. Frame it for your laundry room or area and make it a work of art! Download our Can I Be Washed? here.

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