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How To

21 Ways to Use Scented Vinegar

Aug 13, 2021

When it comes to fighting stains, buildup, odors, and germs, we love the efficacy and versatility of vinegar. Combining our fresh No. 247 scent with natural vinegar, our Scented Vinegar is a powerful, plant-derived cleaning powerhouse for both the laundry room and home. Read on to discover the many ways you can incorporate Scented Vinegar into your cleaning routine!

1. Treat perspiration and underarm odor
Add 1/4 cup of Scented Vinegar to a Wash Tub Basin or sink filled with warm water. Soak up to 30 minutes, then launder as normal.

2. Eliminate lint
Add 1 cup of Scented Vinegar along with a 1 capful of Signature Detergent to your wash cycle. This is a good way to make your clothes lint proof and avoid the problem before it even happens!

3. Reduce static cling
Dampen a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth with Scented Vinegar and toss the cloth in the dryer with your laundry to cut static.

4. Brighten colors by removing detergent residue
Add 1 capful of Scented Vinegar to a Wash Tub Basin or sink with hot water. Use our Stain Brush to brush out the stain and let the item sit for about 30 minutes.

5. Clean toilet bowls
Pour Scented Vinegar in the bowl, making sure to hit the sides and under the rim where stains accumulate. Allow to soak and flush to finish.

CMSPage 21 Ways to Use Scented Vinegar ONE SIZE IMAGE 01

6. Remove mold and mildew
Put Scented Vinegar into a spray bottle and spray any surface with mold or mildew. Let it sit for about an hour and then wipe it clean with a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth.

7. Wipe down blinds and walls
Mix an equal amount of water and Scented Vinegar in a pail and use a sponge or Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth to wipe them down.

8. Neutralize smelly upholstery
Add Scented Vinegar to a Glass Sprayer Bottleand lightly spray upholstery to dissolve odors.

9. Polish windows
Mix an even amount of Scented Vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray it on your windows and wipe clean with a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth.

10. Clean musty washing machines and dishwashers
Lingering food and debris can cause a buildup of odor. To deep-clean your dishwasher, fill your dispenser with Scented Vinegar and add 2 capfuls of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to the machine, then run an empty cycle with hot water.

CMSPage 21 Ways to Use Scented Vinegar ONE SIZE IMAGE 01

11. Wipe kitchen countertops clean
Dampen a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth with Scented Vinegar and wipe down kitchen counter tops (this will also keep ants and bugs away).

12. Deodorize trash cans and garbage disposals
For trash cans, mix 2 cups of Scented Vinegar mixed with hot water. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. For garbage disposals, mix ½ cup All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and ½ cup Scented Vinegar. Pour down drain and let sit for 5 minutes then run hot water down the drain.

13. Unclog drains
Mix 1 cup of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and 1 cup of Scented Vinegar. Pour down drain and let it sit for 5 minutes then run hot water down the drain.

14. Scrub away bathtub film
To remove rust, limescale, and soap scum, or to clean grout, mix Scented Vinegar with All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. Add hot water to the mixture, and scrub.

15. Remove soap scum and limescale
Mix All-Purpose Bleach Alternative with Scented Vinegar. Apply it to the areas with soap scum and limescale and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Use our Scrub Brush to scrub it clean.

16. Purify cutting boards
Apply Scented Vinegar directly onto your cutting board at the end of the evening. Allow to sit for 15 minutes before rinsing clean with plain water.

CMSPage 21 Ways to Use Scented Vinegar ONE SIZE IMAGE 01

17. Get glassware to sparkle
To prevent spotty glassware, add Scented Vinegar to the rinse aid dispenser in your dishwasher.

18. Mop Pergo and hardwood floors
Pergo floors should be cleaned with Scented Vinegar as opposed to any other products including floor cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, and wax as they will leave a film. Use ¼ cup of our Scented Vinegar with 1 gallon water to mop.

19. Deodorize pet urine and other accidents
Blot as much of the mess as possible using a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth. Mix 1 cup of Scented Vinegar with 1 cup of lukewarm water in a spray bottle. Spray the affected area generously, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

20. Nix odors and residue in the refrigerator and microwave
Pour 1 cup of our Scented Vinegar in a glass and place in the refrigerator for two days to remove odor - or keep refreshing if you have a constant problem. For the microwave, mix ¼ cup Scented Vinegar and 1 cup water. Bring to a boil and let sit.

21. Keep every room smelling fresh
Fill a bowl with 1 cup of Scented Vinegar and let sit. This natural deodorizer absorbs unsavory odors, and the No. 247 fragrance masks that vinegary smell. Replace your vinegar regularly every 3-4 weeks.

CMSPage 21 Ways to Use Scented Vinegar ONE SIZE IMAGE 01

For more tips on using Scented Vinegar in your laundry routine, click here

To find out more ways to use Scented Vinegar in your cleaning routine, click here.

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