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21 Ways to Use Scented Vinegar

Nov 1, 2017

When it comes to fighting stains, buildup, odors, and germs, we love the efficacy and versatility of vinegar. Combining our fresh No. 247 scent with natural vinegar, our Scented Vinegar is a nontoxic cleaning powerhouse in both the laundry room and home. Read on to discover the many ways you can incorporate Scented Vinegar into your cleaning routine!

1. Treat perspiration and underarm odor

2. Eliminate lint

3. Reduce static cling

4. Brighten colors by removing detergent residue

5. Clean toilet bowls

6. Remove mold and mildew

7. Wipe down blinds and walls

8. Neutralize smelly upholstery

9. Polish porcelain

10. Clean musty washing machines and dishwashers

11. Wipe kitchen countertops clean

12. Deodorize trash cans and garbage disposals

13. Unclog drains

14. Scrub away bathtub film

15. Remove soap scum and limescale

16. Sanitize cutting boards

17. Get glassware to sparkle

18. Mop Pergo and hardwood floors

19. Deodorize pet urine and other accidents

20. Nix odors and residue in the refrigerator and microwave

21. Keep every room smelling fresh

For more tips on using Scented Vinegar in your laundry routine, click here

To find out more ways to use Scented Vinegar in your cleaning routine, click here.

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