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Hang or Fold? The Best Way To Put Away Your Clothes

Raise your hand if putting away fresh laundry takes you on average 5-7 business days, mainly because it’s hard work to figure out which items go on a hanger and what’s better tucked into a drawer. Our official guide will make putting things away easier, smarter, and—yes, we’re saying it—more enjoyable.

Did you know properly storing pieces according to fabric and item type may actually help extend the life of your wardrobe? Hanging can help maintain a wrinkle-free finish and preserve detailing like pleating or draping, while folding saves space and prevents unsightly stretching. Three main considerations to bear in mind when choosing storing methods are material, fabric weight, and closet configuration. Below, exactly what you need to know to maintain your favorite pieces for years to come!

Clothing hanging in closet

Hang These Items

Hanging can help preserve the shape of structured pieces like jackets, suits, skirts, and dresses. It is also an ideal method for floatier fabrics like silk, chiffon, and linen that wrinkle easily when folded—think evening wear, blouses, and lightweight trousers.

  • Jackets: Outerwear of any material (leather, wool, synthetics), blazers, and suit jackets do best on padded hangers, which preserve fit and prevent dents or creases. Never store in plastic or cardboard—these materials cause yellowing and attract critters.
  • Blouses + Shirts: From button-downs to going-out tops, shirts of all kinds stay in tip-top shape for longer when hung. Always fasten top buttons to preserve collars, and for blouses without a button placket, insert the hanger through the button of the item to prevent stretching the neck.
  • Floaty Fabrics: Airy fabrics like linen, silk, nylon, are prone to creasing when folded up.
  • Trousers + Skirts: Slip dress pants and pleated skirts on to skirt hangers or tiered pants hangers. For easy access, keep two-piece workwear sets on the same hanger or hang adjacently.

Folded clothes

Get In The Fold

Heavier fabrics, such as knitwear, are best folded in drawers, or, during seasonal storage, in cotton storage bags. Hanging these items can cause tearing or pulling of the fabric as well as changes to fit. Instead, fold them using Konmari methods, which also help to optimize space in your drawers. Give shelves and drawers the Laundress treatment by lining them with scented drawer liners. They’ll add some flair to your space while infusing your items with a crisp cedar scent.

  • Sweaters + Knits: Cozy woolens and snuggly cashmeres should always be stored folded to avoid misshaping.
  • Activewear: The synthetic fabrics which comprise most activewear pieces tend to get warped and wonky on hangers, so folding is preferable.
  • Jeans + Shorts: Denim is one of the easiest fabrics to fold since it tends to hold shape well. Freshen jeans in between washes using a fabric freshening spray, which dissolves odors and adds a crisp, linens scent!
  • Lingerie + Hosiery: Preserve lingerie by storing in drawers or Canvas Storage Bags with scented fabric pouches to keep fresh.
  • Embellished Items: Heavily embellished items, such as pieces with beading or embroidery, are best stored flat in a canvas storage bag to avoid stress from hanging or folding.

Pro Tip: T-shirts can be hung or folded depending on your closet space. If hanging, avoid distortion to the fit by opting for padded hangers.