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How To Clean and Preserve Precious Wool & Cashmere At Home

Mic drop moment: Wool and cashmere can be washed at home. In fact, washing your knits can actually be better for them than dry cleaning, which can potentially strip fibers of their natural oils responsible for keeping them soft and supple. So cozy up to our cleaning and care tips and solutions for washing your cashmere sweaters, blankets, scarves, and coats. Everything you need to know about washing cashmere garments is here.

The basic rules to wash a cashmere sweater are:

  • Use cool water and a gentle cashmere detergent.
  • Let the cashmere sweater soak for no longer than 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with cool water and press out the water with your hands. Always air dry.

Folded pile of sweaters


Draw a Bath: Add Wool & Cashmere Shampoo to a tub or sink filled with cool water. Unlike generic detergents, The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo is specially formulated without enzymes for cleaning wool, cashmere, merino, mohair, blends.


Go Under: Submerge your items and gently agitate them to evenly distribute soap and water. Soak for up to 30 minutes. 

Rinse Clear: Run cool water through items until rinse water is no longer soapy. Do not wring. Instead, gently press the water out of your items between your hands or against the sink. 

Note: If there is color in the water, don't worry! It's normal. The yarn dye is simply releasing color and you will not notice any loss of color after the wash is complete. Always wash only like-colored items together.

Machine Wash

Yes you can machine wash cashmere. Turn your cashmere inside-out and place it in a washing bag. Use cool water on the delicate cycle. Follow these steps for the best results:

Bag It: Turn items inside out and place them in a Mesh Bag to protect them from agitation and friction that can cause pilling. 

Select Your Cycle: Select the woolens or delicate cycle on your washing machine and make sure the water temperature is cold and the spin is on low. Add Wool & Cashmere Shampoo according to the machine type and load size.

Steaming and drying a cashmere sweater

Dry & Finish

No-rush Drying: Lay the items flat in their natural shape on a drying rack or clean towel. When drying, avoid direct sunlight and heat sources, such as the radiator, because they can shrink or damage wool. Never hang wet wool.  

Quick Drying: Lay one item flat on a towel. With the item in its original shape, roll it up in the towel (like a sleeping bag) to remove the excess water. 

Steam it Up & Stay Fresh: Ironing can crush or flatten the natural pile of the yarns. Instead steam to remove wrinkles and odors. You can also spritz a fabric freshening spray between wearing and washing.

Brush for Beauty: Use a fine garment brush between wears to remove lint, fuzz, and hair and release natural oils that rejuvenate yarns.

Pile of cashmere sweaters

Get Into the Fold: Always store knits folded to prevent stretching or distorting.

Make Pests Bug Off: Help keep bugs at bay by storing knits in a breathable cotton or canvas with a zip closure. Always clean items before storing to avoid providing a "food source" of proteins for bugs.

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