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Dinginess and Yellowing: Cotton

dinginess and yellowing

The Solution

If you're finding that your colors are looking dull or your sheets are looking yellow, chances are you're dealing with dinginess. The buildup of minerals in your wash water, soap residue, and body oils are often the culprits. A few simple steps can brighten your laundry – and your spirits.

Treating very dingy items: Presoak the item in a basin of hot water mixed with 1 capful of our All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. Then wash according to our instructions.-link cotton.

Treating moderately dingy items (or just need a boost):Add 2 capfuls of All-Purpose-Bleach-Alternative to a wash load (without detergent). Then wash again (using detergent) according to our instructions.

Treating mildly dingy items and prevent dinginess: Add 2 capfuls of our All-Purpose-Bleach-Alternative to the wash load along with detergent.

Remove odors: Stains and odor often go hand in hand. Soak the item in a basin of hot water mixed with 1/4 cup of Scented Vinegar.

Launder the item: Wash according to our instructions.

General tips for preventing dinginess:

Avoid fiber buildup by washing towels separately from clothing.

Don't use powdered detergents.

If you have hard water, add 1 capful of All-Purpose-Bleach-Alternative to the wash load along with detergent (only use bleach alternative with cottons, linens, and synthetics). This will help to soften water and prevent dinginess.


Our recommended stain and odor removal methods are solely intended for use with The Laundress products. Our products are safe for colors, darks, and whites. We cannot guarantee the safety or success of products from other brands.

Do not use All-Purpose-Bleach-Alternative on silk or wool.

We don't recommend using chlorine bleach on stains or odors, ever.

Remove all stains before putting items in the dryer.

Do not iron stained items.