Specialty Fabric Care Gift Set

For some, sweater season is all year long. Keep their cashmere cardigans, chunky knit throw blankets, and even summer knits clean, fresh, and luxuriously cozy without the dry cleaner with these enzyme-free detergents that will treat their knits like heirlooms – and can be used when hand or machine washing.

No. 723 Fragrance Set

With fine fragrance notes of Damask rose, geranium, and amber, this velvety, spicy rose scent will delight their senses when washing and wearing. Featuring our expert-designed Laundry Detergent and Fabric Conditioner in our No. 723 fragrance, they’ll love how the scent lingers subtly and luxuriously on their garments. Gift it alongside a pair of luxe pajamas or decadent sheet set, just the things we recommend washing with these indulgent formulas.

The Classic Gift Set

If they’ve got a capsule collection of classic staples like crisp button-downs, supple T-shirts, and denim that they wear over and over again, this set will keep them looking and feeling as good as day one. Our Signature Detergent formula is crafted with enzymes that target dirt, stain, and grease to keep fabrics looking fresh, and our Fabric Conditioner keeps fabrics touchably soft – never stiff. In keeping with the classic theme, our Classic scent is the ultimate clean laundry fragrance, with notes of lily of the valley, jasmine, and musk.

Isle Gift Set

If they’re the traveling type, give them the next best thing to a beachside getaway. Our coastal-inspired Isle scent will fill their laundry room – and enhance their clothes – with beautiful notes of bergamot, citrus, and sandalwood that’ll bring to mind their latest R&R escape. Blended into our Signature Detergent Isle and Fabric Conditioner Isle formulas, their everyday clothes will feel pampered, too.

Whites & Darks Gift Set

When it comes to sorting laundry, there’s really no gray area: For best results, always sort your dark laundry from your whites to protect colors and ensure exceptionally bright results. Our Whites Detergent will keep everything from bedding and towels to white tees brilliantly bright and crisp, while Darks Detergent maintains the rich color of black and dark fabrics.


So they have a ton of clothes. Which means they probably always have an overflowing hamper and a ton of laundry. Match their energy with our Signature Detergent and Fabric Conditioner Gallons: Both deliver up to 126 washes for beautiful results every.single.time.

Baby Fragrance-Free Gift Set

Babies bring loads of love.. And laundry. Keep them covered with this gift set that includes our new Fragrance-Free Baby Laundry Detergent (to encourage lots of carefree cuddling) and fragrance-free Stain Solution (to target those tough baby stains).

Everyday Laundry Gift Set

If they’re into the clean aesthetic they’ll appreciate this five-piece set packed with our exceptional fabric care go-tos. Designed for all-purpose laundering, it contains our Signature DetergentFabric ConditionerStain SolutionStain Brush and Laundry Measuring Cup to fight stains, clean, and soften. This pre-boxed set is the ultimate way to elevate their everyday and leave their clothes so divinely fresh and decadently fragrant, it immediately brings to mind clean, quiet luxury.