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I am The Laundress | Becky Rapinchuk

Oct 2, 2016

As a wife, mom of three children, cleaning expert, author, and entrepreneur behind Clean Mama, Becky believes that a clean home is attainable while still enjoying your family and life. She's created a simple cleaning routine perfect for busy homes and loves helping her readers discover new ways to do accomplish the mundane tasks of home keeping while injecting some fun into the process.  We always love hearing how other cleaning aficionados manage their laundry day and jumped at the chance to get the scoop from Becky.

My most laundered item...
With three kids it seems like we are always washing bath towels. To keep it simple, we have all white towels through the house. I love the spa-like feel it gives to the bathrooms and I can wash them on warm or hot and use all-purpose bleach alternative with each wash to keep them bright white. I find using scented vinegar instead of fabric softener also keeps towels soft and fluffy.

My favorite laundry tip or trick...
To wash kids clothes together - no sorting out by color, I just wash it all together on cold. Of course, if someone has a new hot pink shirt I'll wash that separately on cold for a couple washes before tossing it in with everything else. I've found that while this might not be the best practice for all laundry it works well with the kids' clothes and saves time and sorting.

The most important laundry tip I learned growing up was...
To not let it pile up. It's so easy to wash clothes but to fold and put it away takes time and energy. Doing what I can to keep those laundry piles away is essential for keeping away that overwhelming feeling of piles of laundry.

I make laundry an enjoyable task by...
Completing it daily. With a little effort and just a few minutes, I can fold and put away a load of laundry a day. But if I put it off and do laundry once a week it can easily take over an hour. I'll take a couple minutes a day and a much more manageable laundry basket any day of the week.

My proudest laundry victory...
When I figured out how to keep the laundry pile away. Laundry is one of those things that can really mess up a room for me. Baskets piled up or a pile on the bed or a couch is just plain defeating. A smaller basket with a manageable load of laundry is more my style and really keeps the job simple.

My favorite Laundress product is...
A tie between the Sport Detergent and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. I wash all of our workout clothes in the Sport Detergent and I love how it just dissolves any stink. The All-Purpose Bleach Alternative is such a great laundry product but it's also great for cleaning and whitening.

I used to be afraid to wash...
Sweaters. Once I realized that you can wash just about anything in a home washing machine with the correct settings and products, I don't have to send my sweaters to the cleaners anymore.

My laundry room is...
Small but mighty - it's a second-floor laundry room and I love the convenience of being in between the bedrooms. I don't mind the tiny size because it's convenience outweighs the small size.

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