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How To

How-To | Cleaning & Storing Holiday Decor

Dec 20, 2017

Velvet tree skirts, beautifully embellished stockings, and heirloom table linens are signs of the season to enjoy with family and friends. Once Santa’s sleigh has made its delivery and the new year beckons, it’s time to store these relics away until next year. While not nearly as fun as decorating, once the holiday season passes, putting the decorations away is inevitable. Following a few cleaning and storage steps will set you up to deck the halls with ease next season.


If you opted for a real tree this year, chances are that you have a Christmas tree skirt that's soiled with dirt and sap. To preserve and repurpose it, we encourage pretreating and washing before seasonally storing.

Gather These Tools:

Wash & Stain Bar, ice cube, Wool & Cashmere Shampoo or Signature Detergent (depending on material)

De-Sap It

Remove sap stains by rubbing the sap with an ice cube and gently scraping off residue. Follow by applying a water-lathered Wash & Stain Bar to the stain. 


Linen skirts should be laundered on the normal cycle in hot water with Signature Detergent. Wash woolens on the delicate/woolens cycle in cold water with Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. Insert the item into a Mesh Bag when washing for best results.


While the stockings in mention are those that hold presents and trinkets rather than, well, your feet, there may be a stain or two from melted chocolate or soot from the fireplace.

Gather These Tools:

Stain Solution, Stain Brush, Detergent (depending on fabric content), Mesh Washing Bag, All-Purpose Storage Bag


Pretreat fabric with Stain Solution. If the stain is deeply set, use a Stain Brush to work the solution into the soiled area.


If your stocking is embellished, bedazzled, or anything in between it may be safest to handwash to protect detailing and decorations. Select the proper Laundress detergent according to the item's fabric content. We recommend Delicate Wash for silk, nylon, rayon, acetate and blends while Wool & Cashmere Wash works best for woolens. If machine washing, place the stocking in a Mesh Washing Bag to protect the item.

Dry & Store

Hang your stockings to dry before storing them for the season. To protect stockings from yellowing, critters, and dust, we recommend using a cotton bag like our All-Purpose Storage Bag.


Lift everything from red wine spills to salad dressing stains from heirloom table linens with this easy process. These steps can also be used when cleaning and storing holiday tea towels, oven mitts, placemats, etc.

Gather These Tools:

Stain Solution, All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, Whites Detergent or Signature Detergent (depending on the fabric content), Large Zip Laundry Bag


Stains on your holiday table linens are a guarantee. Permanent stains are not! To treat, first identify the stain type. Most colored food stains are tannin stains, originally deriving from plant substances. These include wine, tomatoes sauce, fruit stains, and chocolate. These can be treated with our Stain Solution. Apply to the affected area and work into the fabric using our Stain Brush or your finger. If the stain is oil based (including olive oil, butter, peanut butter, etc.) our Wash & Stain Bar is the best tool for the job. Using your hands, work the bar into a lather using warm water. Then gently work into the stain. Rinse with warm water. If residue remains, work in our Stain Solution until it’s removed.


Next, soak the item in a bath of hot water and 2 capfuls All-Purpose Bleach Alternative for up to 30 minutes. Replace dirty water when necessary.


Follow by laundering as normal. We suggest handwashing heirlooms in a bath of warm water and either Whites Detergent or Signature Detergent. Always hang table linens to dry.


We always recommend storing items clean and in a cotton storage bag, like our Large Zip Storage & Laundry Bag, as this will protect the fabric's integrity by shielding dust and critters.


Nutcrackers, Santas, snowmen and more have decked the halls of your home for the last month so these precious pieces are probably a bit dusty. Wipe down festive figurines with Surface Cleaner and Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth before wrapping them up and storing.

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