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The Expert Method For Sparkling Pots & Pans

Burnt-on messes and saucy splashes are no match for proven solutions that make well-loved pots and pans look good as new. Our secret ingredient? Dish Soap, a high-performing solution infused with efficacious bio-based cleansers and lush, botanical scent that's designed to help transform cookware and dish washing into a tranquil moment of escape.

How To Get Sparkling Pots & Pans:

  • Soak for 1-2 hours or overnight with a squirt of Dish Soap and hot water
  • Scrub clean with Dish Soap & rinse
  • Polish dry!


It’s All in a Soak

Start by removing and discarding any loose food or debris from pots and pans, and thoroughly rinsing with hot water. If surfaces are burned, soak the item in a sink filled with hot water and a small squirt of Dish Soap. Allow to sit for one hour or, if possible, overnight.


An Extra “Hand”

After soaking pots and pans, finish by hand washing them with our Dish Soap. Formulated with high performing bio-based ingredients, it's made to cut through grease, baked-on food, and general cooking messes with ease.


Scrub Away Grime

Depending on your pot or pan, use a gentle brush or scrubber to scour surfaces and remove food residue. Always check manufacturer instructions for any specific tips on how to clean your pot or pan, as some may require special care. For Teflon-coated surfaces, use a softer scrubber or sponge to help avoid scratches.


Dry Your Masterpiece

Finish by thoroughly rinsing and wiping dry with a soft, clean cloth.

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