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How To Clean Baseball Caps

Get your rally caps ready! Between baseball playoffs and football season, you're going to want your favorite caps in tip-top shape. To clean baseball caps and hats, you'll need a good stain treatment and a deep cleaning detergent. Follow our expert steps for cleaning up sweat and dirt from baseball hats and keeping things fresh!

STEP 1: Pretreat

Pretreat stains on your baseball hat before washing. Apply Stain Solution to the affected area and work into the fabric using our Stain Brush. Be sure to apply to any sweat-prone areas like around the hat's inner band.

Pro Tip: Hats are prone to staining from old sweat and grease like hair products. Regular washing and pretreatment will keep hats looking in tip top shape.

STEP 2: Soak and Wash

Got tough stains? After pretreating, fill a sink with enough hot water to submerge the hat. Next, further scrub stubborn stains. Soak the hat for 30 minutes, then wash.

Place your baseball hat inside a Mesh Bag before tossing into the machine. Use a deep cleaning detergent for everyday fabrics like Signature Detergent. Baseball hats can be washed on a warm setting, but select a low spin to help preserve the brim.

STEP 3: Dry

Air dry baseball hats for best results. Do not place hats or caps in the dryer - the heat can warp the hat's brim!

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