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How To Remove Ink Stains

The Laundress Stain Solution In Hamper

Erasing Set-In Ink Stains At Home

Tools you will need: Stain Solution, Stain Brush, lint-free cotton cloth

Stains from ink or pen are some of the toughest to remove, especially if the ink has soaked into the material. At the Laundress, we know how to remove ink stains from clothes. Using effective, stain-removing products from The Laundress, you can succeed in returning your soiled clothing to like-new condition. It’s important to address ink stains as quickly as possible for best results, as ink can be quite difficult to remove even when fresh. The older the stain, the tougher the removal process. For non-washable items tagged “dry clean only”, we recommend consulting a professional before completing any home treatments. 

Stop Ink Stains in Their Tracks with Specialty Formulas That Clean & Remove Stains

Pen marks are one stain that benefits from quick action. Stain removal on durable everyday fabrics like cotton, linen, and durable synthetics is easiest, as these fabrics can tolerate hot water and more vigorous stain removal methods. 

First, rinse excess ink from the fabric by running hot water directly over the stain. Then, apply Stain Solution working the solution in gently using a damp Stain Brush. Let sit a few moments, then pour hot water from a height over the stain, helping to push the ink out of the fabric. If the ink stain is still present after soaking, repeat the process and be sure to gently work the fabric with the brush. Working from both sides of the garment can also help coax the stain from the fabric. Finally, once the stain has lifted, wash as usual with the appropriate detergent, such as Signature Detergent. Do not machine dry ink-stained garments until you are absolutely sure the stain is gone, as heat from the dryer can set them in further. 

For ink stains on delicate, dry-clean tagged garments such as silk, consult a professional. 


Removing ink stains can be challenging, especially if the ink has had a chance to set. But the right products from The Laundress and perseverance can save your garment from the garbage. You owe it to yourself to try!