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How To Achieve Cleaner, Fresher Sheets Right This Way

Crisp, fresh sheets are the stuff dreams are made of. But naturally-occurring body oils, makeup, and eating and drinking in bed (hey, we all do it!) can lead to dinginess, yellowing, and stains. Ahead, the best way to remove stains, nix dinginess, maintain brightness, and wash linens of all kinds.


Sheets should always be sorted and washed separate from everyday laundry as they tend to tangle and fold during the cycle trapping smaller items. Be careful not to overstuff the washing machine when washing bedding—it can damage both the machine and your sheets.


Remove old and new stains from sheets and pillowcases with Stain Solution, tested and safe for all washable fabrics (cotton/cotton-poly, etc.). Work the solution into the fabric using a Stain Brush.


To maintain the quality of your bedding, avoid harsh detergents, dryer sheets, and bleaching products as these tend to weaken the fibers. Wash like colors together or only one set of sheets per load. Cotton, linen, and jersey bedding is best cared for by washing on the normal cycle with hot water and Signature Detergent.

Tip! When laundering bedding it is important not to overstuff the washer. Doing so can damage both the machine and bedding.


Most damage occurs in the dryer versus the washing machine therefore we recommend line/air drying when possible. When using the dryer, dry sheets separate from everyday laundry. It is best to select the low heat low tumble cycle and to remove items before they are completely dry.