Horse Hair Broom

  • Sweep tile and hard floors
  • Broomstick Dimensions: 54"". Broom Head Dimensions: 11""
  • Made in Germany

Why lug out the vacuum when there's a broom that's quicker and more effective? The Horse Hair Broom easily grabs dust and dirt particles from large surfaces and floors. Unlike most brooms, this one won't leave a trail of strands behind. This handmade tool will last a lifetime.

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Push broom along hard surfaces to grab dust and dirt particles that can easily be swept into a dustpan. Always store the broom hanging'trust us!

To Clean: Shake outdoors to "empty" the broom to use again.

Maintain the broom's sweeping effectiveness and remove dirt by cleaning occasionally with cool water and The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. Do not immerse the handle in water. Comb the horse hair gently and allow to dry hanging. Do not dry near heat; room temperature is best.
Broomstick Dimensions: 54"
Broom Head Dimensions: 11"

Step 1

To lift dirt or mud from hardwood, tile, granite, or laminate, mix 2 capfuls of All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate.

with hot water and mop.

Step 2

After sweeping Pergo floors, mix ¼ cup Scented Vinegar

with hot water and mop.

Step 3

To clean particularly dirty areas, use All-Purpose Cleaning Concentratewith the Scrub Brush.

Step 4

Clean bristles using Wool & Cashmere Shampoo and cool water.

Did you know...

Redecker is a 75-year-old family owned and run business. Friedrich Redecker became a skilled brush maker when he attended a school for blind children at the age of 4. Two generations later, Redecker is not only still a family business, but forward-thinking in its ecological product offerings and manufacturing sustainability.

Horsehair is a soft, yet durable protein fiber that is exceptional for scratch-free dry sweeping. It absorbs water slowly, and effectively picks up fine dust particles.

The Shakers were the first to create the flat broom. They found that the flat broom design allowed increased sweeping control and a broadened surface area.

Dust is composed of soil particles, fibers, animal dander, hair, shed skin, insects, smoke and ashes, pollen, fungi, bacteria, and dust mites. Dust mites thrive in warm, humid spaces and are a common allergen and asthma inducer for small children. Frequent sweeping, along with steaming, improves indoor air quality and reduces these allergens.


Sweep before mopping.

Store hanging.


Rest on broom head.