Delicate Kit

  • Wash silks, synthetics and blends
  • Plant-derived formulas with no unnecessary additives
  • Mesh Bag made in China

We know how tricky it can be to care for delicates. From lingerie and items labeled “dry clean" to silk blouses and scarves, this curated kit will allow you to give delicate pieces the full treatment without leaving your home.

Scented in Lady, an herbal and citrus blend of rich amber, bergamot, lavender, and musk.

Color and texture may vary with plant-derived ingredients.

No animal ingredients or animal testing.

Dermatologist tested

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. If swallowed, seek medical advice.

Assembled in The USA

Step 1

Handwash in cool or warm water using Delicate Wash.

for 30 minutes or less.

Step 2

To freshen dry-clean-only items or delicates between launderings, spray with Delicate Spray


Step 3

Pretreat straps, lace, and underwires using the Wash & Stain Bar, and use Stain Solution to target underarms, neckline, and cuffs.

Step 4

If machine washing, always use the Mesh Bag Bundle and delicate cycle.

Did you know...

Delicate Wash is our formula designed for delicate laundry.

We consider delicates to be items containing silk or silk-like synthetics, embellishment (such as lace, hardware, embroidery, beading, and sequins), or intimates such as underwear, bras, lingerie, and hosiery.

Silk is commonly the most washable delicate; however, there are various synthetics that are made to look and perform like silk, such as acetate, rayon, Lycra, lyocell, Modal, spandex, and acrylic.

We recommend washing silk in cool or warm water. If machine washing, use a delicate washing cycle and insert item in a Mesh Washing Bag (optional). If handwashing, do not soak silk longer than 30 minutes. Lay flat or hang to dry. Never put silk in the dryer.

Most items labeled “dry clean” are generally launderable. Read the care label to determine the fabric content and washability. When in doubt, test.

When an item is labeled “dry clean only,” the best way to care for it between cleanings is to treat with Delicate Spray along with a good steamer for freshening and finishing.


Pretreat stains.
Wash like colors. Never...

Use chlorine bleach or fabric softener.
Use hot water.
Soak/wash longer than 30 minutes.
Wring or twist wet items.
Dry in direct sunlight.