Canvas Tote Bag

We designed this tote to perfectly suit your everyday needs. From trips to the market to a weekend getaway, you will find that this is your go-to carry all!

Simply place items in this breathable, yet durable, cotton canvas bag for hassle-free carrying. Forgo plastic bags for this environmentally friendly and stylish option!

To Clean: Machine wash as needed or spot treat with the Wash & Stain Bar to maintain stiffness. Air dry; do not use the dryer.

Step 1

When unpacking greenmarket goods, clean hands with the Kitchen Soap Bar.


Step 2

Keep clothing, and your tote, stain-free during your weekend getaway using the Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths


Step 3

Wash swimsuits and activewear using Sport Detergent, and freshen with Sport Spray between washes.

Did you know...

Improper storage can result in the deterioration and discoloring of fabrics or prompt the growth of mold, mildew, and more. Launder items before storing to prevent mystery stains from surfacing and decrease the likelihood of a bug or moth attack! Always wash items that are starched; moths love starch.

Moths cannot eat through cotton. To prevent yellowing, moth breeding, mold, and mildew during long-term storage, do not use plastic, cardboard, drawer liners, and contact paper. Avoid using toxic mothballs and cedar bocks/chips that transfer oil.

Bring on trips to the market.
Bring on weekend or beach getaways. Never...
Use the dryer.