6-Tier Cotton Hanging Organizer - White

  • Ideal for activewear, children's clothing, handbags, accessories, jeans, pants, sweaters, or t-shirts
  • 11.8"" (L) x 11.8"" (W) x 47.2"" (H)
  • Made in India

While closets are conventionally used for hanging, some things are best folded. Maximize any space and ensure delicate garments are properly organized, easily accessible, and free of dust with this reinforced cotton closet system.

Simply fold and store items for hassle-free organizing. Conveniently collapses flat when not in use. Easily attaches to closet rod.
Always store items clean.

Ideal for:
Jean & pants
Sweaters & T-shirts
Children's clothing
Handbags & Accessories
Household & party supplies

11.8" x 47.2" x 11.8"

Step 1

Store clean items after washing with appropriate The Laundress detergent, such as Wool & Cashmere Shampoo.


Step 2

Before long-term storage, spray with Wool & Cashmere Spray

to help preserve fabrics.

Step 3

Add a Lavender Pouch for fragrance and additional bug-repelling properties.

Did you know...

Improper storage can result in the deterioration and discoloring of fabrics or prompt the growth of mold, mildew, and more. Launder items before storing to prevent mystery stains from surfacing and decrease the likelihood of a bug or moth attack! Always wash items that are starched; moths love starch.

Moths cannot eat through cotton. To prevent yellowing, moth breeding, mold, and mildew during long-term storage, do not use plastic, cardboard, drawer liners, and contact paper. Avoid using toxic mothballs and cedar bocks/chips that transfer oil.

Wash before storing. Never...
Store in humid areas.
Store in direct sunlight.
Use mothballs.
Use cedar blocks.

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