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Unleash Solutions to Tackle Stains, Odors, and Hair Left by Furry Friends

Our Stain & Odor Removers Have Bark and Bite

Dog-Tired of Cleaning Up After Your Furry Friends?

We Can Help Clean Up Pet Messes

Get your paws on tried-and-true pet mess fixers from The Laundress. Our nontoxic formulas and handcrafted tools eliminate odors, banish stains, and whisk away hair.

A Pawsitively Awesome Duo

The Laundress Darks Detergent & Fabric Fresh Spray Duo eliminates pet stains and freshens upholstery. Get your paws on the Duo, because when it comes to pet messes, your real best friend is The Laundress.

It’s raining cats & dogs...and their fur

Fullproof Products That Will Get Your Tail Wagging:

Handle Hairy Situations

Whether it's a simple miss of the litter box or stuck-indoors-all-day kind of mess, you can erase any trace of odor, stains, fur, and dander with this how-to.

The Full Collection