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A hard, fine-grained, sonorous, nonporous, and usually translucent or white ceramic ware that consists essentially of kaolin, quartz, and a feldspathic rock and is fired at a high temperature.

Bathroom Sinks

p>Common Problems: Hard-water Stains, Mildew and Soap Scum, Cleaning Drains

How to Clean: Remove and discard any loose debris. Wash regularly with All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate and hot water; then rinse and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Drying with a cloth will prevent water marks.

For Tough Stains mix 1 capful of

All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate in a pail with water and sprinkle the stained area with All Purpose Bleach Alternative. Use the Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths on Granite, Marble and Steel.

Drain Maintenance: For a natural drain cleaner, mix 1 cup of boiling vinegar with a 1/4 cup of All Purpose Bleach Alternative. Pour into the drain and let sit for 5 minutes--rinse with hot water.

Cautions: Steel wool brushes and pads can be damaging. Avoid using ammonia and harsh toxic cleaners.


Common Problems: Hard-water Stains, Lime and Mineral Deposits

How to Clean: Sprinkle with All Purpose Bleach Alternative and let soak. Scrub with a long-handled brush, scrubbing under and around the upper rim and deep into the trap; when the bowl is clean rinse thoroughly by flushing.

To wash plastic lids and seats, mix 1 capful of All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate and water. Clean using a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths. Rinse and dry.

Cautions: Avoid using ammonia and harsh toxic cleaners.