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Sort laundry before washing. Always wash dark colors together. Beware of fuzz-producing items that may sneak in your load, such as a stray tissue or fuzzy sock!

Sorting laundry throughout the week is a huge time saver. Use the Hotel Laundry Bag to separate stained items and garments to be treated or handwashed from your everyday wash, and avoid the annoyance of digging through the hamper when laundry day rolls around!

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Pretreat stains with Stain Solution or the Wash & Stain Bar. Focus on susceptible areas such as underarms, necklines, and cuffs.

Stain Solution is ideal for protein and tannin stains, such as wine, coffee, ink, grass, urine, blood, and old, set-in stains such as pit stains.

The Wash & Stain Bar works the material to remove dirt, grease, oil, and makeup.

To remove odor, presoak the item for 30 minutes in cool water mixed with ¼ cup of Scented Vinegar.

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Machine Wash

Turn your clothing inside out, and place any delicate items in a Mesh Washing Bag.

This prevents abrasion and lengthens the life of colorant dyes.

Wash darks on the normal cycle with warm or cold water. Add the appropriate amount of Darks Detergent according to the machine and load size.

Eliminate static, prevent wrinkles, ease ironing, and keep clothing soft with Fabric Conditioner Classic. It is best used with every other wash.

Remove promptly from the washing machine to reduce creasing.

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Dry & Finish

Line drying is best for preserving color. Avoid drying in the sun, as it can fade fibers.

If using a dryer, set to the lowest heat setting.

Contrary to popular belief, water temperature is not related to color loss. Fading typically happens as a result of the high heat and tumbling in the dryer.

To remove wrinkles, we recommend steaming for the best and safest finish. For a crisp finish, iron at the appropriate temperature setting. Be careful not to leave a scorch mark—use the Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth as a pressing cloth.

To freshen between launderings, spritz with Fabric Fresh Classic.

Use the Clothing & Upholstery Brush between wears to remove lint, fuzz, and hair.

Cohabiting with lovable, furry pets? Use the no-bristle, friction-charged Pet & Lint Brush to eliminate fur and pet hair from upholstery.