Wool & Cashmere Spray

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  • Freshen wool and cashmere in between washes
  • 4 FL OZ (118mL)

Keep your knits in rotation! This plant-derived formula adds a soft, cedar scent to woolens between washes while removing odor. Spray to freshen sweaters, suits, coats, hats, blankets, and other items considered “dry clean." It's also ideal for refreshing closets, drawers, and items prior to long-term storage. Our Cedar scent is a fresh, modern take on the traditional woody scent, combining spicy sandalwood, sweet orange, and rose with a base of cedar.

Cedar is a modern take on the traditional woody scent, combining sandalwood, orange, and rose with a base of cedar. While we love cedar, moths and critters don't!

Ingredients: water, alcohol denat., alcohols C12-15 ethoxylated, phenoxyethanol, tetrasodium EDTA, citric acid, fragrances. D-Limonene is a fragrance allergen Phosphate free.

Color and texture may vary with plant-derived ingredients.

No animal ingredients or animal testing.


Dermatologist tested.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. If swallowed, seek medical advice.

Assembled in The USA

Step 1

Designed to be used between washings with the Wool & Cashmere Shampoo.


Step 2

Remove lint and rejuvenate yarns between wearings using the Cashmere Brush


Step 3

De-pill items by gently gliding in one direction with the Sweater Comb.

Step 4

Steam clothing with the Jiffy Steamer and spray before storing in the Wool & Cashmere Spray.

Did you know...

While Wool & Cashmere Spray can be used on any fabric or surface, it was designed to complement woolen items.

We consider woolens to include fibers such as sheep’s wool, lamb’s wool, cashmere, merino, pashmina, angora, mohair, camelhair, and alpaca, as well as any wool blends and wool-like synthetics made to look like wool, such as acrylic.

Most wool items labeled “dry clean” are generally launderable. When an item is labeled “dry clean only,” the best way to care for it between launderings is to steam and treat with Wool & Cashmere Spray.

After washing, woolens may appear wrinkled. Do not iron wool. Instead, steaming is ideal for releasing wrinkles and fluffing the yarns.

It’s always important to clean woolens before storing, as perfume, body products, body oil, food, and dirt can surface later and be much harder to get out. Before packing, spritz with Wool & Cashmere Spray and place in a breathable fabric, such as The Laundress All-Purpose Storage Bag. Never store using plastic, cardboard, drawer liners, and contact paper, as they all attract bugs and encourage bug reproduction.

Spray between washings.
Use on items labeled “dry clean” and non-washable items or areas.