Aera Mini Capsule in No.723 scent

  • Compatible with the Aera Mini Diffuser
  • Scented in No.723, with notes of Damask Rose, Geranium & Amber
  • Enjoy up to 800 hours of no fade fragrance
  • Hypoallergenic microdroplet technology safe for family and pets
  • This item is excluded from all discounts and promotions

Take our bestselling fabric care fragrances beyond the laundry room! When used with the Aera Mini Diffuser, this Mini Diffuser Capsule enhances your space with even, livable fragrance inspired by our No.723 fabric care scent.

Inspired by No.723. The Damask rose is at the heart of our No.723 fragrance, surrounded by a chorus of geranium, jasmine, and lily of the valley deeply grounded with the velvety, spicy warmth of guaiacwood and amber.

Did you know...

Other diffusers release ingredients in the order of volatility. Aera x The Laundress’s ingredients release all at once, bursting into billions of scent molecules which blend with ambient air. You get a consistent, beautiful scent with base, middle and top notes.

  • Capsule only compatible with Aera Mini Diffuser
  • Easily switch between Aera x The Laundress Mini Diffuser Capsules to experience all of our scents
  • Capsule lasts approximately 500-800 hours when used on an average setting of 2, depending on fragrance blend