Scented Vinegar in No. 247

  • 16 FL OZ (1 PT) 473 ML
  • Plant-derived formula with no unnecessary additives

Vinegar is known for its powerful cleansing properties that fight stains, buildup, and odors. However, it's also known for its off-putting "vinegary" smell. Combining our popular No. 247 scent with vinegar, this multipurpose product gets glassware to sparkle, easily removes bathtub film, effectively tackles messes and odors in the kitchen, and more!

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No. 247 scent is a fresh blend of eucalyptus with notes of pine and hints of rose, lily of the valley, bergamot, ylang-ylang and thyme. You may also notice hints of musk and lavender.

Ingredients: water, acetic acid, fragrances, phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 20.

Color and texture may vary with plant-derived ingredients.


Free of petroleum, phosphate, phthalates, and artificial color.

No animal ingredients or animal testing.

Dermatologist tested.

Assembled in The USA

Use to clean and deodorize surfaces, glassware, and household appliances, including refrigerators and microwaves. Safe for all surfaces except marble and limestone.

Step 1

To remove odors, presoak in warm water with 1 capful Scented Vinegar.

in a Wash Tub Basin.

or bowl before laundering with any of our detergents (such as Sport Detergent.


Step 2

To clean and deodorize surfaces and household items, wet a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths.

with Scented Vinegar.

Step 3

To clean washing machines and dishwashers, run a full long cycle with hot water and add 1/2 cup Scented Vinegar and 2 capfuls of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative.

Step 4

Prevent spotty glassware by using Scented Vinegar as a rinse aid along with Dish Detergent.

Did you know...

Adding Scented Vinegar to the wash will help neutralize odors, brighten colors, and reduce lint and static cling.

Scented Vinegar will break down uric acid to remove the odor, which makes it excellent for cleaning litterboxes and soiled carpets.

Make spotty and cloudy glassware gleam by adding ½ cup of Scented Vinegar and 2 capfuls of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to the rinse aid dispenser.

Soap scum is a film or residue caused by calcium, other minerals, and soap. It is often found in tubs, sinks, and shower rooms. Similarly, limescale is a calcium deposit caused by evaporated hard water and is often found in teakettles, coffeepots, faucets, and bathtubs. A mixture of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and Scented Vinegar is most effective for removing the buildup of both soap scum and limescale. Please note that vinegar cannot be used on marble or limestone surfaces.


Presoak odorous laundry.
Deodorize surfaces and wipe clean.
Clean washing machine and dishwasher.


Use on marble or limestone.